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  1. J

    cleaning tombstones

    I want to thank everyone for their opinions and suggestions:) , I know that I am going to do what I feel is right which means I will be checking with some tombstone manufactures for suggestions(thank u for this suggestion). If they can't help then I will be going with the website that Gippo...
  2. J

    cleaning tombstones

    Hello Gibbo, I thank you very much this is a very helpful site,:) Joyce
  3. J

    cleaning tombstones

    Sorry Guy :( but to me your answer did not fly, since the stones that I am talking about are my own ancesters and are barely readiable. And as far as if you don't know, don't do it, at some point no one knew:confused: how to do anything, so you then have to learn. Now I know that I need to...
  4. J

    cleaning tombstones

    Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been here in awhile:( , but I am hoping that you all help me. I been to a cemetery that has 5 generations of my family in it:) , some of the tombstones are so bad that I can not even read them:'( . I need a couple of things one how to read some that are so corroded...
  5. J

    A wonderful holiday story

    Carman whom is still one of my daughters best friends has been out to Kansas a few times, actually for a short while even lived there with one of her sisters, but I guess she missed her friends here and had to come back.
  6. J

    I liked this warning

    This was sent to me and I though this was funny, since I haven't been able to contribute much lately I figured I might as make some smile:) Joyce
  7. J

    looking for lost birth cousin

    Hi elizabeth, welcome good luck finding your cousin, Joyce ps I did look to see if a brenda shires was looking for anyone under ancestery community message board but had no luck sorry:'( . I once found a friends sister that way
  8. J

    hi all,,Mike from Manchester.

    welcome Mike, Good luck with your search:) joyce
  9. J


    Hi Rover, welcome good luck with your search, ps it will never end:) joyce
  10. J


    Hi Trish, welcome , just start with a person you are looking for find out more about, name, dob if you know it or approximate, brother, sister, wife ect names that might help find the right person. area in which they were born. Then everyone will help:) :) Joyce
  11. J

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Skip, welcome welcome :) :) Joyce
  12. J

    Williams in Rugeley ( I hope )

    oh yeah dave I forgot to tell you this, I used the name Evelyn only because I look at the writing in the 1861 census and realized it could have been read your way and the ebelyn that they wrote on the first hand written page, my mothers first name was evelyn and it looked like it could have...
  13. J

    Williams in Rugeley ( I hope )

    Hi Dave, I think this may be your family, it looks like Elizabeth had gotten remarried by 1871 but where young elizabeth is I don't know. Even though they wrote William down as father i think they meant step father you may look and see what you think :) I used evelyn place and year of birth to...
  14. J


    :) Hi brumsteve, welcome good luck with your searches:) joyce your is a bit harder to start with since you are look for information after the last census but you may find someone who is looking for the same family and has infor. Joyce
  15. J

    Hello Everyone

    :) Hi astwood, welcome good luck with your search, :) joyce
  16. J

    Martha Parker

    Hi Ed, If you want to order the ceritifcate here is the site to do so, sorry I keep forgetting to supply if for everyone:'( , but here it is:) http://www.gro.gov.uk/gro/content/certificates/ Joyce
  17. J

    Martha Parker

    Hi Ed, you posted this message:From MagieS Are you aware of Frederick Trodd, eldest son of Benjamin & Sarah, baptised 9/10/1825 at St Marys Extra? He was a mariner and married Martha Parker Dec 1856. Martha's father was a fisherman named Thomas Parker. I would try contacting MagieS, she since...
  18. J

    Hi everyone I'm convent girl and a "Newbie" to this site

    Hi Convent girl, welcome good luck with your research, I can see that your is going to be a difficult road, I took a look in the census and there are a large number of alexander's and jane's kerrs. But we will help with anything we can:2fun: :2fun: Joyce
  19. J

    Going Round in Circles

    hi Littlemo, I tried putting in lancelot bromwell in just try to find out approximate dates and area but I did not even find him on the 1861 census, could you check the spelling or give some approximate dob and area, I don't want you meeting yourself coming back:confused: (not that I really...
  20. J

    Hi to all

    Hi JacquiHartUK welcome and best of luck with your research:) joyce