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    Jane Blyth

    Jane Blythe married Ephraim Lindsay snr 1732 in Eglingham northumberland can any one tell me if he remarried as according to what info i have Jane died 1733
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    Ephraim lindsey jn

    Ephraim went aboard the surprize to Australia never made it, looking for his life before that in northumberland was imprisoned on the Stanislaw prison hulk committed from Newcastle assizes for stealing 6 pounds of mutton he i believe was a barber and spent some time as a seaman any help thanks. RR
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    Fireman NER

    hi everyone i`m looking to find out if Robert Wilkinson, DOB 1886 stockton on tees and then married Lillian dinsdale 1913 in Stockton on tees, still continued as a fireman for the N E R after that date as i feel he went to war but im drawing a blank on his war records as i have no info on a...
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    Robert Wilkinson

    My grandfather fought in 1st world war but cant find any info on it he was from Stockton on tees DOB 1889 approx was for a time working for the rail road N E R i believe was married 1913 cant even find what reg it might have been or am i totally of the mark here as railroad worker were not...
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    how can i find a regiment

    how can i find the regiment my grandfather was in i have no info on his war time exp other than the fact that he fought in the first world war thankyou for any help RR
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    great war 1914-18

    Hi Everyone im looking for any info on robert Henry Wilkinson d.o.b 5.7. 1889 war records dont know his regiment,? born and lived stockton upon Tees married to lillian wilkinson nee Dinsdale
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    christiana jackson

    looking for christiana born around 1835 ish partner james twittles in the north yorkshire area dont think she married him had one son his last name was jackson hence the unmarried consideration can anyone help thanks ivan:(
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    richardson houghton/fencehouses area

    looking for a john surtees richardson born aprox 1927 married a shiela wilkinson born may 1927.
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    cant find her

    Hi guys Im looking for the spouse of my g g grandfather his name was robert wilkinson d.o.b abt 1840 lived in stockton on tees died before 1888 had at least one child named thomas,robert was a joiner by trade.:)
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    once more unto the breach

    hi guys can u help me find a birth for a john wilkinson in the durham or yorkshire area possible north ridings. in or around 1837 up to 1866 his occupation was a holder upper, he is my great granfather thomas wilkinsons- father what i realy need is his wifes maiden name if poss (johns wife...
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    visit to the fair

    enjoyed a pleasant day at the fam history fair in newcastle certainly worth the trip regards ivan:)
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    could anyone help find the siblings of george newlove, born stockton on tees or durham area in abt 1856 or tell me how i might do it regards RR:-\
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    please help

    can anyone give me any info on the birth cert for robert h wilkinson dob 1889 stockton on tees got his mariage cert today but am confused as to his fathers name it says john i thought it was thomas ? thanx guys
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    was stockton on tees part of durham or north ridings in the 1800 hundreds thanx
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    Hello every one, im new to geneology need all the help i can get lol