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    Elizabeth Raven - Maiden Name

    I'm a bit stuck on the branch of my family which has the interesting surname - Raven. I have traced my 2nd great grandmother Amelia Clara Tayler on Ancestry as being the child of Charles Tayler and Emily Tayler née Raven, born in Chelmsford 1851-1854. I have checked GRO and possibly found Emily...
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    Dobbins information

    I've hit a bit of a wall with my 2nd great grandmother (Eva Dobbins) and her father (Joseph Dobbins). Eva seems to be an interesting person, so I am keen to find out what I can about her. I have her marriage certificate from the Irish Áis Taighde where she married my 2nd great grandfather (Sep...
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    Hello all. I am James and I am passionate about history. As much history as I can imbibe really! I first began to be interested in my family history last year with the centenary of WWI and looking up my great grandfather's war record. My wife recently got me a 6 month subscription to ancestry...