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  1. benny1982

    Disaster for Scots records.

    On occasions I have bought some Sussex PR transcripts and they are from BT's as opposed to originals so the witnesses to marriage 1754 onwards were omitted. Sometimes I wonder what is the point in releasing them if vital info in the originals is left out. Usually gaps in PR's are from...
  2. benny1982

    Disaster for Scots records.

    I have Scottish ancestors, and have used Scotlandspeople. As for the leaking dome, well that is appalling to allow the damage to not be a priority, thus damaging vital records. Bucks records are poorly covered on Anc. And sadly some of the FMP Bucks records are from BT's instead of original...
  3. benny1982

    Free access - Australia and NZ

    Thanks, shall try and find more on my 2 convict siblings of direct ancestors. Thomas Tanner and Edward Childs.
  4. benny1982

    Marriage Adverts.

    In about 1862 my 3xgreat grandparents met. The groom was a servant and footman and she was a successful wheelwright's daughter. They lived right opposite a big village manor as located in the 1841, 1851 and 1861 census. He was from Brighton and she was from a village 12 miles north. I reckon...
  5. benny1982

    Another reason why a baptism cannot be found.

    I think I have Sarah Richmond's family, and if the right baptism, then it makes her 11 years older than Nathan Quilter. When Sarah married in 1776 one of the witnesses was William Richmond. In 1761 a William Richmond of Burnham On Crouch married and the signature on the marriage licence matches...
  6. benny1982

    Another reason why a baptism cannot be found.

    What was her name and when and who did she marry? I would have thought with a Nathan Jackson Quilter, it would be easy but seems not. His middle name is a clue to perhaps his mothers maiden name or a family name further back. Witnesses to his first married in 1775 to Sarah Richmond was William...
  7. benny1982

    William Rippington. to a Deborah ? c1719.

    Did a general search 1700-1730 for any William Rippington marriages (on FamilySearch and FMP which give variants) but no marriage to a Deborah yet. Add FREEREG into the mix. No luck there either. On the good side, luckily it is William Rippington to Deborah, as Rippington is an uncommon...
  8. benny1982

    Another reason why a baptism cannot be found.

    Nonconformist ancestors. I believe nonconformist records survive to a degree but many of them have not survived. With the new Essex records released, I am still unable to find the baptism and parentage of Nathan Jackson Quilter born c1752 in Essex. He married twice in Hatfield Peveral then...
  9. benny1982

    John Britton and Sarah (Probaby Adcock).

    My ancestor was John Britton (1783-1862) born in Felsted, Essex in 1782/1783, son of John and Ruth Britton. He married Sarah and they had Louisa Britton in 1817 and Jemima Britton in 1819. John lived most of his life in Witham, Essex. I did find a marriage in Rayne, Essex of a John Britton...
  10. benny1982

    Youngest widow you found?

    Yes that is the marriage that I am interested in. It does look promising but at the minute cannot find a suitable Davy marriage to Sarah c1800-1810. If it is the right marriage, then sarah must have been a young widow. In 1831 George died, and Sarah Coombs, widow, had her marriage banns read...
  11. benny1982

    Youngest widow you found?

    A long story but here goes. A while ago I may have found my ancestor's marriage in 1810. If it is the correct marriage, the groom should be 20 and the bride should be 19, going by their death ages and the bride's 1841 census record. She died in Feb 1851 aged 60, and was 57 in 1848 when admitted...
  12. benny1982

    Norfolk Indexers

    Thanks. Some of my London and Suffolk ancestors originated in Norfolk.
  13. benny1982

    WDYTYA returns this summer.

    Expect the arrival of ordered GRO certs to be a 3 month wait instead of a week. :(
  14. benny1982

    Good news for Essex researchers.

    I have many Essex rellies but a lot of them further back came from Suffolk, Cambs and Herts.
  15. benny1982

    Good news for Essex researchers.

    I am so pleased and will be a busy bee. I have managed to break down a few brickwalls already.
  16. benny1982

    Good news for Essex researchers.

    They seem to be transcripts but cover virtually all of Essex, and they link to SEAX Essex ancestors website. You have to see the images on SEAX which requires a sub.
  17. benny1982

    Good news for Essex researchers.

    Anc have released loads of Essex records. Same way as they did with Dorset, London, Oxfordshire etc.
  18. benny1982

    George and Mary James lived....

    11 Cadogan Street, Chelsea. George a boot clicker.
  19. benny1982


    Did you want to know the actual parents names, or just hoped the burial itself would list parents names even if you already knew?