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  1. Ellie7


  2. Ellie7

    Norfolk Indexers

  3. Ellie7


    1861 Census New Ardrossan name not decided ,son.age 0,1961 :unsure::whistle:
  4. Ellie7

    Ann Hamshaw

    Wife of Samuel Adamson 1741 Oulton,Rothwell parish
  5. Ellie7

    New South Wales .. forgotten books

  6. Ellie7

    From Melbourne today

    Help ma boab, there's snaw nearby down under.
  7. Ellie7

    FS Genealogies

    Well! that bit tree I found with wrong data is gone .I corrected a Bapts record the other day now just parents are left .
  8. Ellie7


    Name Cattie Trione female age 86 Birth Date abt 1814 Yorkshire Death Date 1900 York...
  9. Ellie7

    Charlie McIntyre

    Born in Stevenston ,Ayrshire
  10. Ellie7


  11. Ellie7

    John Dyball /Diball

    Anyone read the Place in Brackets (late of ?) son of Rich and Mary
  12. Ellie7

    Mary Murphy or Currie

    The following information is available on Mary Murphy or Currrie, who stole three hens from Dykesmains Farm:- "Mary Murphy was listed as being 50 years old on arrival in VDL, she was born in Selkirk, Scotland. Prior convictions: 4 times in prison before. Mary was 5’3” tall, hair turning grey...
  13. Ellie7


    D Wong on 5th May, 2019 wrote: National Records of Scotland Precognition against Robert Shaw for the crime of forgery and uttering forged writings Dates 1834 Accused Robert Shaw, alias Smith, John, labourer, Address: Byres of Kilwinning, Ayrshire. Robert Shaw, alias Smith, John, Verdict: Guilty...
  14. Ellie7


    A man walks out to the street and catches a taxi just going by. He gets into the taxi and the Cabbie says "Perfect timing. You’re just like Frank." Passenger : "Who?" Cabbie : "Frank Feldman. He’s a guy who did everything right all the time. Like my coming along when you needed a cab; things...
  15. Ellie7


    Could not resist this ,my home town ,and the houses further back is where Cromwell stayed when they were fighting with the castle owners in the district.Also home of the Knights Templar .Watch the video ...
  16. Ellie7

    John alexander Ferguson

  17. Ellie7


    Queensland, Hospital Registers Queensland Soldier Portraits, 1914-1918 Scotland Monumental Inscriptions Almost 65,000 additional records covering Aberdeenshire, Caithness, Kincardineshire, Dumfries & Galloway and the Tay Valley area have been added to our collection of Scottish monumental...
  18. Ellie7


    GLASGOW HERALD 26 APRIL 1939 RECRUITING RALLY AT KILMARNOCK Kilmarnock National Service Committee have made arrangements for a big recruiting rally and demonstration to be held in the town on Saturday, May 6. The 2nd Battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers is sending its military and pipe bands, Bren...
  19. Ellie7

    On the Road to Pashendale

    The lead soldier going over the makeshift bridge is James Fulton ,Australia.Wonder if it's my James.
  20. Ellie7


    Philip Green Head Married Male 46 1835 Gardener Domestic Croftlooking for parentsand birthas you can see keyboard not working well