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    Henry right

    Funny you should find it just sas I did and I did exactly the same as you said sent for one. I am very grateful for you taking the time to reply to my queery Edwin Wright
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    Henry right

    Sorry I should have said Henry was born in Middlesborough his family all lived in Hunslet,on the 1901 Cencus he was 6 months old and when I found the 1911 Cencus he was missing i think he died in Yorkshire. I would liketo find out his date of death. His mother was Mary Ann and father William,I...
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    Wright or Wigg

    Hi I prefer Eddie ,I amstudying my Family tree and found out that our original name was Wigg,. It llooks like my gggrandfather didnt like the John Wright Wigg and dropped the name Wigg which left us with a surname of Wright. Now am I a Wigg or a Wright eddie wright
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    family certificates for family surname wright

    My ggrandfather William was a coach painter living in Hunslet Edwin Wright
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    family certificates for family surname wright

    I am a wright and my great grandfather William Wright Was a coach painter. he came from Hunslet
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    Henry right

    henry wright had a very short lie ,this little tot was probably 1 year old when he died ,his mom and dad all lived in Hunslet I am hoping someone can helpme Edwin Wright
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    Yorkshire Indexers

    cheer steve it will help me with my yorkshire ancestors