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    Plea for Slee

    Hi All:rolleyes: I am looking for anyone related to Adam Armstrong Slee, he was my grandfather who was born in 1903 in Easington/Seaham Harbour Co. Durham. He had a sister Louise. He was married in 1929 to Elizabeth May Witherspoon & they had two daughters, my mother & my aunt.I believe his...
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    Re: Look ups Hi Ben By all means, i'll do my best. Best Regards Duo2
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    HI Hi Benny, Thanks for the reply.If we can help with any info just drop us a line,most of the records for this area are held at the Durham records office in Durham city about 20 miles from us. www.durhamrecordsonline.com Try this link Regards Dou2:)
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    Re: Many Thanks :) Many thanks for the replie's to our first post,if we can help with any info about the Teesvalley area please contact us. one local site we have found usefull is http://www.stocktonroots.co.uk/ for B.D.Ms in the Teesvalley area and it's free so if there's anybody out there...
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    How did you get 'addicted' to Family History / Gen

    We got started by finding a registration of baptism in with my husband's parents personal effects. The person on the certificate was born in 1861 but the certificate was a copy which was dated 1930. This puzzled us very much as the surname had no apparent connection with either my husband's...
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    Hi all, we are duo2uk and we come from the Tees Valley in the North East of England. We have just started to research a family tree but at present have not found out very much. We have three children 1 at home & three grandchildren. Our hobbies include gardening, reading, researching family...