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    looking for a big favour

    where do you live ? as some local family history centres have free access?
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    Old ads on tv or radio

    a finger of fudge is just enough to give your kids a treat..:D
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    occupation on cert

    looks like doctor. it does not read dead . maybe death. but not dead..so he could have been an undertaker .have you looked on the census..> of 1841 or 1851.i' ll forward this on to my "wills reader" see what she thinks..
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    Did my Grand Aunt emigrate ?

    try passenger lists on find my ancestors
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    A very elusive marriage lookup please :)

    hi i thought parish records were online anyway..google it see what it comes up with.i know i had to pay a liitle when i looked up sussex parish records.
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    Amusing errors is famly trees.

    i recently found a funny one. my great aunt got married in 1930's her father gave her away i have photos to prove it. And yet on the marriage certificate he's DECEASED.who gave her away then A GHOST lol..:2fun:
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    Kenyan email

    horse whack... lol
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    People needing Genealogy Help

    hello.. i got one for you..lol am looking for my great aunt, she is emma marion mortimer born 1888 bandon hill croydon surrey england. emma 1st went to canada 5th july 1920. on the vessel "metagama" she went as a domestic to the post office at MONTMATRE,SASK/SHE ARRIVES IN QUEBEC. not sure how...
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    A very elusive marriage lookup please :)

    have you tried the parish records? and not the b.m.d.just a thought as sometimes the parish records don't make it to the national b.m.d.eek)
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    Re: Introduction hello :D hello everyone i'm moggie57(wendy) i'm 52 and been doing my family history for the past 20 yrs so i'm getting quite good at it.i like helping other people with queries. i have treavelled to kew record centre many times for other people.i love cats have 3, 2 boys and a...
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    I found some!

    if you go into the cemetery offfice they should be able to tell you who else is buried there. there might be a small fee..
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    new body lol

    hello everyone . a newbie here...:2fun: