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    Third time lucky?

    Hi. Welcome to the forum - and well done on getting to the early 1800s. I'm sure you'll find lots of help here! Ros
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    The Cotton Industry

    Thanks for this - it looks like a great site, full of interesting information. Some of my ancestors lived in Manchester during the hay day of the cotton industry, but they actually worked in the paper mill - however, I imagine the working conditions and lifestyle was very similar. Ros
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    Opinions please (changing occupations)

    You don't give any dates or locations - but my guess is that this happened during the big building boom of the mid 19th century? There was probably more money in house painting given all the new houses going up, so perhaps your ancestor saw that a change of job was a good idea! Ros
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    Dead people, their certificates

    Where a couple have children, and if there is no further entry in the census, look from the birth of the last child (or 9 months beforehand in the case of a male). Also, give a wide range when you're adding the age of the deceased. Ages on death certificates are often inaccurate. Ros
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    What about the workers.

    I have a long line of Manx fishermen going back to the 17th century. On my father's English side there are builders, carpenters and butchers. My mother's father (b. 1865) was a railway goods clerk, and his family were factory workers in the printing industry. Ros
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    Death certificates; what's the use?

    I agree with all of the above. I have to admit that I haven't used death certificates as much as I could due to keeping expenses down, but I would certainly order them when I could afford it. They can give very interesting information about how and where someone died and this not only can give...
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    Help with census please?

    You can order certificates from the General Record Office here: http://www.gro.gov.uk/gro/content/ Ros