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    John & Hannah Gardner

    Hi, thanks for info re Hannah Hall, etc, have researched this one and can't find a link, but thanks again. Sue
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    John & Hannah Gardner

    I am looking for John & Hannah Gardner. From 1808-1813 I know they were living in the parish of St.Mary's, Lambeth, London. As they had sons christened there. John, Henry & William. I have no maiden name for Hannah as I can't seem to find a record of marriage. So cannot go further back, can...
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    new girl on the block

    Hi Lilyalbert, can u give me some more details about the Gardners you are researching? mine come mainly from Lambeth and Worcestershire. Sue
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    Hi UK Friends Family

    Re: Hi JuWeller notice you're researching Gardner's, mine seem to come from Lambeth and Worcestershire, any connection? Sue
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    Re:new here, my name is Sue Hi my name is Sue, I am new to this site, but not new to searching for family links. I am researching mainly Gardner, Gilbert, Denyer and Cornford, just hope someone can help with some brick walls. Sue :)