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    Trying to pin down my grandma - Mary Ann Goodby

    WOW !! Very sincere thanks to all you kind folk who have worked so hard on my behalf. Looks like you have got very close to pinning down grandma. She certainly seems to have had a complicated start in life. I will take the advice and get a certificate or two from Shrewsbury to try to...
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    Trying to pin down my grandma - Mary Ann Goodby

    I have my grandma`s marriage certificate dated 21st Sept 1879 in West Derby, Liverpool to John Pye. Her age is given as 29 and her father as Robert Vaughan Goodby, a gardener. I am trying to establish her birth date. She is stated to have been born in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. I have found...
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    brick wall

    I have been very lucky with my family research. Two ladies - one in America and one in Australia - have provided me with vast amounts of family history, both of my own and my husband`s families. It is nearer to home that I am stuck. My paternal grandmother is proving very elusive and I`m...
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    new (hopeful) member

    I have a large family tree, mainly due to tremendous help from 2 generous ladies in USA and Australia. But I have one or two problems with the Uk side of things. Help forums have been very kind to me in the past and I am hoping this one may be equally productive. I am an elderly lady...