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    The National Archives

    Re: The National Archive Hi, I have never been to tna,but Ipicked up on workhouse,there is a website for workhouse's and very interesting it is too.Marylebone workhouse features in it,very useful to me,because my gt.grangfather was there in the 1881 census,it was later called luxborough lodge...
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    new girl on the block

    It's a small world,my bedwells are from leiston cum sizewell,where the nuclear reactor,I won't be retiring there,great area though.I have quite a lot of ancester's from suffolk,pipe,keable,hatcher,mayhew,gardner are just some.I would be interested to know what other people you have from suffolk...
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    My Family at War - BBC Programs

    what an amazing day 90yrs.on and we still have 3 living legends from ww1,god bless henry allingham,harry patch and william stone,my grandad was a tommy and he came back.
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    new girl on the block

    Hi,everyone,I'm addicted to researching my family tree,just like yourselves.Started about 20yrs.ago,but had young family so it went on hold,now online,so I have started my tree's on ancestry and genes,have around 4020 people to date,my tree is The Sprackling/Shea Tree of Life,have gone back to...