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    Heaven's very special child

    Gibbo, We had a special Downs Syndrome child/ man in our family. I say special as I believe they all are. He loved us all to be there and love playing flute, banjo and his beloved drum sticks he would tap everything. He loved his TV but on ITV as he loved the adverts. As my wife loved the Top of...
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    Sleep on a rope!

    Hi all, I have often said when I was Knackered, "I could sleep on a Rope". These poor unfortunate Homeless Victorians weren't allowed to lie Down, They paid a penny or whatever to get a roof over their heads for the night and actually tried Sleeping hanging over a rope.. I bet there was some...
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    What do you think the duck is sayin?

    All brilliant. Well done guys & dolls!👍
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    What do you think the duck is sayin?

    What the "crispy crackers" are you looking at? Not brilliant but a :p
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    What do you think the duck is sayin?

    Have a look at this lovely photo, back in the day;) What do you think the duck was saying?
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    Hello my name is Hannah...

    Hi Hannah, Welcome to our FHUK Community Forums. I do agree with you about it being a slow process(n) There are stumbling blocks everywhere, what we would call "Wanted Names". Also this pastime we all suffer from is never ever finished..........:eek::cry:;)
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    Animate your family photos!!👍

    Animate your family photos. Our newest feature allows you to animate the faces in your family photos with amazing new technology that brings them to life. This looks great, especially to share with your older loved ones!👍...
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    FHUK linked to facebook

    I am afraid that all and ANY websites which are public are open to links via any other sites (social sites like Facebook) - unless they are completely blocked by certain ways to make things private. As I have said on a number of occasions, we are a public open community forums for like minded...
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    Free Online Access To More Than 40 Million New Zealand, Australian & Uk Military Records To Mark Anzac Day

    Here you go guys: Free Online Access To More Than 40 Million New Zealand, Australian & Uk Military Records To Mark Anzac Day Thursday, 22 April 2021, 10:56 am Press Release: Ancestry.com.au Ancestry will open up collections covering more than 100 years of military conflicts involving New...
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    RMS Titanic - History Fact Slap

    History Fact Slap 👋 Today in 1912 at 1130, RMS TITANIC collected her last passengers from Cobh, Ireland and proceeded into the North Atlantic. At this time in history, the big Atlantic shipping lines made more money from the 3rd Class or Steerage Class. These were the mass of immigrants...
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    1921 Census

    January 2022 according to the national archives. Findmypast has got the contract I believe.
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    Hello to everyone! Newbie here...

    Welcome Sue, Great to have you join us on FHUK Community Forums. Good luck in your Family Research Take care Dave
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    William WILLIAMS

    Lots of information from our FB Wendy To FB post
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    James White CLARK

    Posted on FB by Wendy Hargreaves
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    COVID-19 check up

    You cannot make this up thecelticbard (y);) As a number of you know, that I have progressive MS since I was 60 - 5 years ago, so I spend a lot less time on the computer. I cannot read easily and cannot remember things and its very hard to make new memories! So due to being classed as "Extremely...
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    John Willaim Hallam

    Hi Folks, Cant believe this post is from October 2007.........and still no further on:mad: Any help on John William Hallam in and around Ilkeston, Derbyshire would be very grateful Many thanks all(y)(y)
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    Forum Back Online

    Thanks for the hardwork(y)(y)
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    Why Change?

    Don't it just drive you maddddd Peter!:mad:
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    John & Esther E HAMMOND

    I have this sent to me by Wendy Hargreaves: Quote: Hi, here is John Hammond on the 1841 census. Esther wasn't with them at that time of the census.
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    New Year

    Happy new year for 2020 Let's have a good one(y)