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    Son... Martin o'malley

    Thank you very very much for the info i am really gratefull for any help
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    Son... Martin o'malley

    is on the 1881 census.. age 18. b.Portabello Staffordshire with his brother Charles.. age 14.b Wakefield York's his mother is showing Eliza Banks widow,:( listed also as having a son Henry Banks age 7 am confused :confused: can not find a death for martin, but then not sure of Eliza etc...
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    If you come from Yorkshire...

    Thank you for sharing found it very interesting even tho not related to any one can remember my mother working in Calverley for a while but with being young at the time,can not remember much of the area
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    WOWWWWW thank you so much on the 1891 census Bridget's children are born in Wakefield so that all ties in can not believe how quickly you have found the info for me i can not thank you enough
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    my grandmother Mary Leadbeater, nee O'malley was born in Normangton, Yorkshire her mother Bridget Padden,b.Co Mayo married to Martin O'Malley on the 1891 census looks like Bridget was married befor?,as it shows there is 3 children by the name of NESDEN, patrick age 16 annie age 14, edward 3...
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    Than You

    To all the members who have made me feel very welcome still finding my way round the forum and am sure that wont take long, i already have seen the Irish Link, so will be going there soon, my ancester's are from Co Mayo I am just waiting for a cert to come back then i will be on my way Thank...
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    Hello every one Have started family search a bit late in the day but hope to get moving have ordered some certs, as one has no grt gr fathers name on the marriage cert,but have found john on 2 other census, confusing yes but will get there, as i'm sure you all have been in the same position from...