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    Has anyone tried Family Tree Genius?

    I found this software for making and presenting your family tree data: http://www.familytreegenius.com/ I just wondered if anyone else has tried it? I've just got the free trial and will report back on what I find.
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    Hello from Oxfordshire

    This forum is top-drawer! Best of luck in all your genealogy efforts.
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    find my past ireland

    Ah that's pretty useful, thanks.
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    more help required please

    Any more news on this? I have been following.
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    Installing software problems

    Hope you got the software installed ok.
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    Just to say hi

    Welcome to this great community, hope you find what you seek.
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    What is the best programme to use?

    If you have a complex family history, i would probably recommend Legacy - although it is a bit old fashioned!
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    New to familyhistory Uk

    Welcome to the forum - I'm new too but don't worry, everyone seems really nice!
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    Hard drive disposal.

    Always destroy hard drives which contain "no longer needed" private information. When a file is deleted in windows, it is normally sent to the recycle bin. As has been posted, this does not actually delete the file and it is still easily available. When the recycle bin is "emptied", even at...
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    Gedcom - can you combine trees?

    Hmm, it's a shame these things aren't easier to solve. I would hope not to be up to 3am trying to wrestle with gedcom issues. Still, glad you got the problem fixed :) Now I know if I ever need to do that.