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    Rootsmagic help

    Is there any way in RM4 of creating a list of people who were alive for a certain census? I am specifically thinking of the 1911 census at the moment but it would obviously work for the others. Thanks in advance Paul
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    Flers- Courcelette tank battle 1916

    The battle of Flers- Courcelette, on the Somme was the 1st tank battle and took place on 15 Sept 1916, they had only 50 tanks ready and the 7th Northumberland Fusiliers were allocated 2. A relative of mine, James Hawkins was a driver for the Straker family in Northumberland in civilian life and...
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    House numbers

    This must be a really easy question for someone out there to answer! Can anyone tell me how you can work out an actual house number from the census records? A lot of my family came from Hexham and I am looking at going up there shortly. I would like to take some photo's of the houses they lived...
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    Hawkins/Smith/Oxley family photo

    Please could anyone help with this photo? I know it would be a very long shot but I have been sent the attached photograph from a Norman Hawkins christening in 1906 in Hexham. I have a couple of names but I was wondering if anyone else could shed any more light on this? I appreciate this is a...
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    Died in SA but buried in Hexham?

    Please could anyone help me on the following? I am struggling with a Mary Annie Smith (b. 16/10/187)who married Thomas Riddell. The puzzle for me is why they went to South Africa in the first place and she died aged 48 in 1924 in South Africa yet she is buried at Warden. In that time how and...
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    Organising information

    So how does everyone organise all their info? I see on the Internet that the main option is the four colour tab option, one for each side of your family tree. I can get my head around this, but how do you organise/file your census returns - do they go under the head of household, and if so, do...
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    RootsMagic + Ancestry

    Could anyone please help me? I use RM4 and am very please with it, but am really confused as to what information goes in the source records. If anyone has any census they have downloaded from Ancestry, please could you let me know what you put into each row/tab regarding repository etc? Many...
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    Census storage?

    Please can someone help me? I am working my way (Slowly!) through my family history and using a computer program to store the details. My question is, when people save images from the census onto their computer, what do they save each one as, because obviously each one can be used for a complete...
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    Can anyone let me know what one of my ancestors did? According to my information she was a "Licensed Vitular" in 1891? Thanks for any help, Paul
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    Cyclist Street, Manchester

    Could anyone out there let me know if there is any maps available that show where Cyclist Street used to be in Manchester? A very kind person on this site has let me have a copy of the 1911 Census with my Great Grandfather shown but I have no idea where it was! Thanks in advance Paul
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    John James Davies and a tram crash!

    Please could anyone shed any light on where I should go? My Great Grandfather John James Davies was born in Aldershot abt. 1878, married Anne Jones in Manchester, and died abt 1930. He was a tram driver in the Manchester area and was involved in a tram accident in which he suffered enough...
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    Mentioned in Despatches

    Please could anyone let me know where I would find any further information on my Grandfather? He served in the RAOC and went all over Europe and Africa. He was mentioned in despatches in Italy but no-one in the family is quite sure what for - Grandad didn't say much about it (Unfortunately he...
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    Can anyone shed any light on this? A marriage certificate I have shows the bride's father's occupation as a Callender (The C is difficult to read so it may be incorrect) Does anyone out there know what this job entailed? Thanks Paul
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    RASC in N. Africa

    Please could anyone help? My Great Aunty was married to Ernest Smith (T/4129838) who was killed in N. Africa 12th March 1943. He is buried in the Medjez-El-Bab cemetery and having asked her, she knows nothing else about the circumstances. I was wondering if anyone on here could possibly give me...
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    Hi - New(ish) to this!

    Hi everyone, my name is Paul and I've been tracing my family history for about a year now through the usual channels - I've now decided to come to the experts (Joe Public!) to see if they can help on a few dead ends and military problems. Hope people can help Cheers Paul