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  1. benny1982

    Another reason why a baptism cannot be found.

    Nonconformist ancestors. I believe nonconformist records survive to a degree but many of them have not survived. With the new Essex records released, I am still unable to find the baptism and parentage of Nathan Jackson Quilter born c1752 in Essex. He married twice in Hatfield Peveral then...
  2. benny1982

    John Britton and Sarah (Probaby Adcock).

    My ancestor was John Britton (1783-1862) born in Felsted, Essex in 1782/1783, son of John and Ruth Britton. He married Sarah and they had Louisa Britton in 1817 and Jemima Britton in 1819. John lived most of his life in Witham, Essex. I did find a marriage in Rayne, Essex of a John Britton...
  3. benny1982

    Youngest widow you found?

    A long story but here goes. A while ago I may have found my ancestor's marriage in 1810. If it is the correct marriage, the groom should be 20 and the bride should be 19, going by their death ages and the bride's 1841 census record. She died in Feb 1851 aged 60, and was 57 in 1848 when admitted...
  4. benny1982

    Good news for Essex researchers.

    Anc have released loads of Essex records. Same way as they did with Dorset, London, Oxfordshire etc.
  5. benny1982

    2 vilages of the same name leading to confusion.

    Or a West Compton and East Compton for example. My Matthew Coombs and Margaret Munday married in 1775, and one index said West Compton-Abbas but I have since found out it was just West Compton, which is in south west Dorset. Witnesses Polycarp Freeman and Robert Greening. Polycarp was of nearby...
  6. benny1982

    Isaiah Sutcliffe (c1594-1655)

    Just discovered this man is my ancestor. He was a vicar in Essex. However I very much doubt he was from Essex as Sutcliffe is a Yorkshire/Lancashire name. I cannot seem to find any Oxford or Cambridge alumni for him but he was a vicar of Great Burstead, Rayleigh then Rettendon, Essex. Isaiah...
  7. benny1982

    Danny Dyer's link to blue blood.

    I do admit to watching EastEnders. Danny Dyer is enjoying the fact that he has proven a link to royalty. His several times ancestor was Charles Gosnold born c1730. He is the very likely son of Tendring Gosnold, and Tendring is the descendent of the royal family. However as yet a baptism of a...
  8. benny1982

    Feeling different if they was a direct ancestor.

    Sometimes we find that an ancestor had an illegitimate child prior to their marriage, yet you cannot find a potential father for the child, and the child never took on the mothers husband's surname, indicating the man she married probably was not the father. But the child is not your direct...
  9. benny1982

    Misleading indexes and finding aids.

    Some of them do lead you up the garden path. Ie a will you want to view is said to be on page 75 when it is page 175.
  10. benny1982

    Newly found Pattrick line in Essex.

    In 1761 in Earls Colne, Essex I found the marriage of my ancestor Jeremiah Halls to Mary Pattrick. Witnesses Gilbert Smith and Mary Halls. Mary Pattrick/Patrick was probably born c1740. The surname does have quite an occurrence in Essex and Suffolk.
  11. benny1982

    FMP changes.

    I received this email yesterday. Any previously viewed records will not be accessible when you simply log in to your account and will only be accessible with a paid subscription. We’re getting in touch to let you know about some upcoming changes to your account. From September, your previously...
  12. benny1982

    Things that can hamper FH research in registers.

    Before 1800 we do tend to head into very murky waters and records back then can vary. What often can really hamper further research is a small gap in a parish register where your ancestor may have been baptised for example. But there are many other things such as When a potential ancestor...
  13. benny1982

    Immigrant ancestry.

    I think we all descend from migrants but proving it is another thing. Although since Viking, Saxon and Norman times there has been many waves of migration to Britain from Europe and further afield. Huguenots, Jews, Irish, German, Scottish etc and from the 1950s onwards from all over the world...
  14. benny1982

    FamilySearch. Tightening up on things.

    Not only do you have to have a free account, it seems you cannot search just but first name now, which used to be handy for someone with a rare first name. Say if you have an ancestor called Blaxhill as a first name and type that, it says "not enough search parameters".
  15. benny1982

    Bishops Transcripts safety net.

    BT's can be a great safety net to fall back on if original PR's have gaps in them. Not all of them survive but many do and I have often found them a safety net to fall back on when I have found gaps in PR's I am interested in.
  16. benny1982

    Am I reading too much into Andrew Carney?

    As the story goes, James Smith, my ancestor wed Sarah Inkpen in Oxford in August 1819. One witness was Andrew Carney. James Smith died in 1849 and in 1841 he said he was not born in county of residence, Oxfordshire. So I have no record of where he was born. James was born c1789 and Andrew Carney...
  17. benny1982

    Irish and Scottish migration to England before 1840s.

    The Irish Famine of the 1840s to 1852 bought hundreds of thousands of Irish people to England but there always was a steady flow of Irish migrants to England before the famine. Apparently I read that the Irish population of London in 1800 was about 20,000. I have come across many Irish and...
  18. benny1982

    Joseph Stillington.

    Not a query or anything but he is an ancestor of interest. He wed Susan Saward in 1728 at the Fleet prison, London. He was of Romford, Essex. He was said to be a bricklayer. Susan died and he remarried in 1745 to Martha Kelby, who was a widow. Her maiden name was Lavender. Joseph died in 1751...
  19. benny1982

    Family stories passed down the generations?

    Of course not all of them are true but you wonder how long has such a tale remained in the family? Can it last just 2 or 3 generations or can it be passed down through several? Such as for example say if someone's nan born in 1920 said "There is some French Huguenot ancestry in the family" and...
  20. benny1982

    Even with James Smith I shall never give up.

    My ancestor was James Smith who wed Sarah Inkpen in August 1819 at All Saints, Oxford. Witnesses Hannah Hawkes and Andrew Carney. James signed. James had several children over the next 20 years. He was a brazier/tin plate worker. His children had names such as Sarah, William, Edwin, Charles...