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    Not sure precisely what your source is. UK probate abstracts don't normally spell out the estates disposal. They normally detail the deceased's address, date of death and occupation, together with information that tells you whether there was a valid will or not. Then you have the executor(s) or...
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    Are you just looking at the probate abstract? If so, what you are probably reading are details of the estate’s executor, who was an accountant. It doesn’t mean the accountant got the money (though he might have done). The abstract just indicates he was appointed executor, plus the value of the...
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    Conolly baptism in Cork confirmed by letter but no record

    That type of letter was fairly common. Pre-printed baptismal forms came in later for many churches. Prior to that if you wanted confirmation of your baptism this sort of document was the answer. (Birth registration only started in Ireland in 1864 so prior to that a baptism record was often the...
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    Probably Scotland then. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Britain You can search for the birth on the Scotlandspeople site: https://www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk/
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    Need to know the country but there's a Calton in Glasgow, Scotland. Sometimes referred to as North Britain (NB).
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    Possibly North Britain (ie Scotland).
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    Death in Newtownards

    Date of death was 4.12.1867 and he died in the Bangor sub-district. Deaths pre 1871 aren’t available on-line free yet. You can view the original certificate on-line on the GRONI website, using the “search registrations” option. You will need to open an account and buy some credits. It costs...
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    The marriage appears in the index to marriages on Ancestry. If you order a copy of the certificate it should contain the information you need. Wandsworth Jan – Mar 1941 Volume 1d page 846. (Use those references when ordering from GRO Southport)...
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    Help please, a difficult one here.

    Scotland used to have forms of marriage known as “irregular marriages.” These were situations where the law regarded you as lawfully married even though you had not been married by a Minister of Religion or a Civil Registrar. (Marriage by Registrar didn’t exist in Scotland till 1940). The law...
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    Newbie looking for info on Acheson (Ireland ) Aitcheson ( Scotland) Menzies

    More detail about your family would help. The surnames are common in Ulster and Scotland, so more information is needed to narrow any searches. Give us the details of the ancestors who were born in Tyrone and rough dates of when they were born/married/died or left. I wouldn’t worry too much...
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    The Allen Family from 87 Rory O Connor Place Rathdrum County Wicklow Arklow

    The most common reason for folk going to England was to get work, so they often went when they reached working age. If born in 1914, he might have gone to England any time between 1930 and 1939. There was a census in Ireland in 1926 which should be released to the public in 2026, so that will...
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    The Allen Family from 87 Rory O Connor Place Rathdrum County Wicklow Arklow

    The 1911 census tells you they were married 7 years, so around 1903/4. However I can’t find the marriage either. Mary Allen’s maiden name was Stafford. Here’s the birth of Andrew which gives her maiden surname...
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    The Allen Family from 87 Rory O Connor Place Rathdrum County Wicklow Arklow

    Allen family in 1911 census. 7 children born, 5 still alive: http://www.census.nationalarchives.ie/pages/1911/Wicklow/Arklow_Urban_No__1/Sheephouse/894195/ Patrick’s family in 1901: http://www.census.nationalarchives.ie/pages/1901/Wicklow/Arklow_Rural/Ballyraine_Upper/1812865/
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    Catherine BELL

    Have you searched the GRONI site? (It won't be on irishgenealogy. They don't have NI records after 31.12.1921.)
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    Catherine BELL

    John Bell died in Northern Ireland so his death will not be on the irishgenealogy site. It is on the GRONI site (pay to view).
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    Unproven wills. A thought.

    In the UK you only need probate if inheritance tax is payable or if there are assets which the executor can’t get released without it. I know from personal experience in the past 5 years that quite a lot of financial institutions will release funds to an executor without a probate grant. So it’s...
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    Descendants of William de Irwyn ?- my family mystery

    MacLysaght’s “The Surnames of Ireland” says about Irwin & Erwin that: “A sept of O’Hirwen did exist in Offaly. But nearly all Irwins are of planter stock in Ulster and in Co. Roscommon, their name, when not a synonym of Irvine, being derived from the old english eoforwine, boar-friend.” So...
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    ALBIN family from Armagh

    The parishes look like Kilclooney, Drumcree & Kilmore to me. This looks be Alexander Albin’s brother Hugh, marrying in 1856, if it’s of interest: https://civilrecords.irishgenealogy.ie/churchrecords/images/marriage_returns/marriages_1856/09501/5443359.pdf And sister Mary in 1853...
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    help finding Patrick O'Neill

    The Kilcreevanty family in 1911: http://www.census.nationalarchives.ie/pages/1911/Galway/Kilbennan/Kilcreevanty/549171/ They were still there in the 1920s as here’s Sabina’s marriage: https://civilrecords.irishgenealogy.ie/churchrecords/images/marriage_returns/marriages_1923/09182/5321183.pdf...
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    help finding Patrick O'Neill

    Could be.