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    titanic family myth help please

    Thanks Julie I will give that a go. It's a start a least. Best Wishes Kim
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    titanic family myth help please

    Hi All, My family have been saying for years there is a 'Titanic' connection on my nan's side. Supposedly nan's brother or uncle was in the merchant navy and was going over to America to join another ship and died when the Titanic went down. My gt grandfather received compensation with which he...
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    WW2 Forum

    I have found out from my uncle that joe was present at the Normandy Landings, he had various maedals awarded to him that where promised to my cousin. When Nan( his only blood relative) arrived at his house, his common-law-wife had taken everything!!! Of any value anyway,we will never get these...
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    WW2 Forum

    Hi I am hoping someone can help! I am looking for info on the coldstream guards during WW11. My gt uncle Joseph (Mullen) served with them and I beleive he was given a medal,sorry don't know which one. Can anyone help please??? Thanks Kim:)
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    Staffordshire districts

    Thank -you all for the following tips, I will certainly check them!! Kim :D
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    Staffordshire districts

    I sometimes find it difficult when searching records as my ancestors have very often used different birthplace names from census to census. Is Walsall a part of Lichfield? Is Bloxwich in Walsall or Lichfield? Walsall Wood is that a village? Suburb? I just find it very confusing at times and as I...
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    Help please

    Thanks Julie, I will try that now!! Kim:D
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    need help

    What county is beighton in? Regrads Kim
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    Help please

    I am having difficulty in finding my ancestors on 1891 census Edward Burton c1849 Harriet (wife) William (son) James (son) Alice (daughter) Eliza (daughter) not sure if the other children were born then. They were on 1881 and 1901 for Walsall/Lichfield Can't seem to find them in Staffordshire...
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    Leonard Heath

    Having difficulty tracing my ggg grandfather any further back than 1841 census! He was born either Ogley Hay or Norton Canes district of Walsall or Lichfield c1817. Both myself and other people I have been in contact with, have had no luck in tracing him. From his marriage cert we have gained...
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    is this true???

    :confused: My mum phoned me last night to give me a history lesson I think!!! she was obviously watching some programme and informed that I think it was King Charles II and many other Kings of England had rather a lot of illegitamate (sorry know that is spellt wrongly) children, therefore they...
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    I hope someone can help!!! I have just discovered my maternal gt grandmother was apparently adopted! She turned up on the doorstep of the people that raised her after I believe her mother died!! Her name was Edith Maud Thomas born Barnstaple area c1878. My cousin said her father's name was John...
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    Hello everyone

    Hello Margaret, Just wanted to know if the links for Storer were in Leicestershire also? I know a Storer who is MD of a very well known Pie company!!! Let me know. Kim
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    Hello everyone

    Hello Peta, New to this site and still learning how to get around it! I know of some Tebbutts in the Market Harborough area,Any link there? Was at Wicksteed park 3weeks ago changed a lot over the years but still good fun! Regards Kim
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    Hello every one! I am new to all of this family history stuff! I am researching Townsend,Smale,Elson,Burton,Heath,but the most difficult name so far for me is my Grandma maiden name Mullen, Irish descent to Jarrow,Tyneside. If anyone can help I would be most grateful. Really enjoying my new...
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    Commonwealth War Graves Commission

    thanks I will check it out!!! I am new to all this family history stuff but am geeting addicted. Regards Kim