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    help with letter from 1850

    Hey, Is there someone where who can help me understand whats written on some letters that I have obtained about my great x 3 grandfather who was taken in by an orphanage in 1850. These letters are from the file they have send me which has various other certificates and notes in. I am...
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    Old Orphanage Letters

    Hi, I have had some information sent about my great x 4 grandfather and his orphanage records from 1840, got loads of brilliant information including some letters which I really can't read which is a bit of a problem. Can someone help me with the attached please? Thanks...
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    how to present information

    Hi, Can someone give me some advise on the best way of presenting the details I find on a person, is there a set format that you should follow? What I was thinking of is any form of life timeline, something that allows me to put the details such as certificate for birth, census records...
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    James Thomas Saunders B1872

    thanks , I have got that one and have contacted the Bristol register office to see if they have the certificate as directed via their website and they have not come back to me as of yet. what do you think about the age difference between his real age and the reported age on both his marriage...
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    James Thomas Saunders B1872

    Hi all, I have been doing some research on my family and the above person had been a bit of a mystery to me mainly because other than knowing his name, I really did start off by knowing absolutely nothing about him. After using my rather expensive Ancestry subscription, I have been piecing...