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    Widows, widowers remarrying

    In total agreement with you regarding quick re-marriage of widow/ers. i have just come across an example in my own family tree. My great-grandfather left Cheshire to move to North-East with his family for work reasons. His wife died in 1922, but within a year he was remarried to a widow who...
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    Database of Doomsday Book 1086AD

    As a follow up from the recent programme on BBC about the Doomsday Book, here is the website used to find people named in the book and whereabout they held land. http://www.pase.ac.uk/ The database is free to use and comes with a useful pdf guide as how to access the information.
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    Ever found two dates of Baptism for a family member? The explanation of P

    Ever found two dates of baptism for a family member? One explanation may be due to the letter P. In my searches of Parish Baptism records I came across a couple of London ancestors with the letter P next to their baptism record. This stood for a 'half baptism'. Half baptisms were given to sickly...
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    I'm having the same problem. I use FTM 2010 to upload my gedcom file and Ancestry will not accept any media. And I ain't gonna do each photo seperately!!
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    Were any of your ancestors, criminals?

    A really good site, many thanks. Have got a great grandfather who was convicted of larceny and spent a few years in Portland Prison. There is some family gossip that he may have been involved in the murder of a local Tyneside character, 'Tommy on the Bridge'. Tommy was a beggar who stood on...
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    Petition Against Increase in Certificate Charges

    This is something we should all be signing. Is there no other way to flag it up to everyone in the forum directly?
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    One site to use is the Australian National Archives http://www.naa.gov.au/ Like you I'm trying to locate relations who emigrated to Australia. Also by chance I also live in Donisthorpe so if there is anything I can do this end please just ask.
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    Looking for WW1 soldier R.C.Edge, Seacombe

    Looking for Robert Cedric Edge, born in Seacombe Cheshire in 1896. I have a letter written by him to my grandmother thanking her for gloves and scarf. She knitted them whilst at school as part of the local war effort to help soldiers in the trenches. The letter is posted in Rouen and dated 16th...
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    The Start

    I see most of your replies have been from well established members, well here's one from someone who's been on for only a short time and, yes... all what has been posted is correct. Everyone has been super helpful and very friendly... even when I've posted queries that must have been posted many...
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    Ages in the 1841 Census

    Having been doing family tree research for nearly a year now I had not realised that with the 1841 England Wales Census a practice of rounding off ages was followed by many numerators, such as: People aged: * 15-19 were recorded as 15; * 20-24 were recorded as 20; * 25-29 were...
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    am you search Parish Burial Records pre 1837 online?

    If you do want to get the cd's try looking on e-bay first. I've just picked up a pristine set for less than £20 second hand, second edition NBI
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    am you search Parish Burial Records pre 1837 online?

    The National Bural Index is now on-line via www.findmypast.co.uk. This will give access to pre 1837 parish records of burial http://www.findmypast.co.uk/federation-family-history-societies/national-burial-index.jsp
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    I love a bargain!

    If you love a bargin try looking at www.hotUKdeals.com especially good for dvd and games but also covers main supermarket deals. It's run by the members, posting deals they have seen. I've had a 42" plasma tv for £250, loads of Hotel Breaks, some for as little as £1 a room and my dvd...
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    What made you choose your username?

    Name of favourite film starring John Wayne... The Quiet Man. The number.... no idea :confused:
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    Old English occupations

    Just what I was looking for... the best site for occupations I've seen. Many thanks.
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    Have you ever found out you are related to someone famous?

    I've subscribed to Ancestry.com.... they have recently added a button to check if you have anyone famous in the family. Unfortunately I haven't but my partner is apprently distantly related to 1st Earl of Stafford, Edward Jenner (vaccinations) and Jane Austen. Not quite blue blood but maybe a...
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    Gedcom file how to create a readable one

    Try looking at The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2009. It has been recently been reviewed in the September Issue of My Family Tree. The programme reads the whole of your family tree than allows you to select any individual to create a report for that person of their own direct relations. (plus...
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    Strange Sayings

    You'd be interested in a book by Nigel Rees..... A Word in Your Shell Like, 6000 Curious and Everyday Phrases Explained, published by Collins
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    I had hestitated to include Nursur Smith in my original query but he is possibly my Great Grand Uncle but as yet I have not verified all the links to him. Thanks to nainmaddie; I hadn't even got that far regarding the meaning of the name. It looks like the name is a 'family name' but where it...
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    Hi, My great uncle was called Nursur (Nursur Cuthbert Thomas Jones). He was born in 1895 in Gateshead, Durham. I have been trying to search for the meaning of the name and why such a strange name appeared in the fmaily. All of his siblings were named with 'normal' names such as George &...