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  1. J

    Classon family in dublin

    Looking information in the classon family in Dublin. Would like to know if they are French Huguenot family in Dublin I know my 5 times great grandfather is John Classon that built classon bridge in Dublin. I know his ancestor was granted land in county Wicklow/ county Dublin border by William...
  2. J

    Nice to meet you all.

    Hi Karen I am Joan Greene. I live in Durham, North Carolina in United States. On my mother side her great grandfather was from Yorkshire and Humber he's family name is Clawson we believe its french huguenot hopefully this will help you.
  3. J

    french/flemish huguenots in carrickfergus area ireland

    Hi guys, Thanks for your amazing replies was so chuffed to see them. I can not believe to how many people replied. On Saturday night, was talking to my friend Alison while having a few drinks bopping away to the electric disco on 2fm. Alison says you can get a DNA test to identify your...
  4. J

    french/flemish huguenots in carrickfergus area ireland

    hi i am Joan Greene live in North Carolina. was chatting to my grandmother on my dad side she was saying her mother maiden name was Lucina Hernandez from Spain. She was saying her father was a Ulster Scot (whatever that is) from Carrickfergus county Antrim in United Kingdom. But she thinks she...