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    divorce details

    Thanks for that Julie, any idea what I ask for. I don't want to be paying for reams of paper I don't need, just the basics, like place, date, how long and how much was awarded as child support.. Rob. o.k. (grumpy)
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    divorce details

    G'day, can anyone tell me how to find details of my parents divorce, sometime in the 1940's/50's. Both parents now deceased. Any help greatly appreciated. Rob (not really grumpy) Well only sometimes!
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    Hello!, I'm Johnny Cash

    No! not really. Gday, my name is Rob, and I'm from beautiful downtown Burrell Creek. Been doing family history on and off for around 5 years. Just discovered 6 cousins, I did'nt know I had, and am now searching for a half sister. Think this may be a brick wall. her father was a Wenman, she...