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    Yes, this has happened to me too. One person went off on a completely different line, just because the first names were the same. As you say always, always check, and re check. Still haven't found the answer to who is the best FREE Tree maker on line
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    Thank you both this has helped, just going to see which one looks the easiest now, I will go for the Free on line ones.
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    Hi Has anybody used Rootsmagic to set out their FT. I am trying to get my info and Tree all onto one thing now,as most of my notes are I don't like to say this in folders on the bookshelf, written down. I am confused as I have read about Familytree maker, but have read that this is owned by...
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    Help needed Anne Newman

    Thank you Amanda, this will help I think,I hope that it may give a witness, which hopefully will be her mother. But just realised that her mother will be as Newman, and I need to know her maiden name. So I may as well, spend the money and oreder the certificate. No I only did my DNA through...
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    Help needed Anne Newman

    I haven't been on this site for a long while, as I was hitting brick walls . However, I have just had my DNA results come back, which after a lot of deliberating I decided to have done, not for the family tree connection, but just to find out where I came from, on my mothers side. Anyway to cut...
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    William Rook

    Rookdeville As I cannot send you an email for privacy reasons. Would you be able to post another message & it might mean that I can then send you a private message. Thanks
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    William Rook

    Rookdeville If you can send your email address to me I have other information on this side of the family, which you may or may not have.
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    Any suggestions. Rook & Clarke.

    This is a real surprise, I have been researching this Tree for so long, & have never had any response with connections to this part of my family. As you say my George Rook was your John Rooks brother, & their parents were George & Victoria . I don't know how much research you have done. If you...
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    Looking for Edward Forbes

    Thank you Elaine,this is him. as I know that my Great Uncle told me he was a DR. So grateful.Now I have to find the connection to him with our family, I know he was a cousin of my grandmother,
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    Looking for Edward Forbes

    I found this on the Mormon site. but it may well be that on the census for Newport Monmouthshire it could show that he was born in DUNNANWAY Co, Cork. not Dunmanway.So if it could be checked again. Thank you
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    William Edwin Woodruff

    Hello Ladybird from another Ladybird. I cannot help you with your Woodruff search. But I used to live in Buckhurst Hill, & there was a Woodruff family living around the corner to us. Would it be any connection?
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    Looking for Edward Forbes

    If anybody could kindly look up the 1911 census for Edward Forbes, I would be grateful. He was born Dunmanway Co,Cork Ireland. I think he was living in Newport Monmouthshire.Possibly born about 1894. Also if anybody has access to irish records, his family in Dunmanway please. Thank you Ladybird
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    No father showing

    Thanks Benny, that does make sense what you are saying, especially as they were Catholics. Plus also I was told that I had the Crowley nose !
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    DNA tests

    Jon, I am interested if you ever went ahead with this,& if it helped. I have a similar situation in my family.My Grandmother was born out of wedlock, & I feel that her 'Father 'not named on birth certificate, was no the man who my G Grandmother married. I am thinking of having this DNA test...
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    DNA Tests

    I am thinking about having a DNA test done for tracing Family Tree. I want to see whether I am a Celt or Saxon etc. My question is, can somebody explain to me SIMPLY. Do I as a female go down my Mothers line, as i have been reading that your true DNA is from mother to mother. If this is so...
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    Martha KENNEDY

    Please could I have a look up for Martha Kennedy born I think Toxteth Park Liverpool 1890. Family members etc needed. Thank you
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    Help with a mystery please

    Thank you all, once again you have been a help. Yes a birth certificate of a child I think will confirm who Elizabeth is, She got married again I notice to a Bower, how confusing.
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    Help with a mystery please

    I will try & make this as simple as possible, but my head is going round in circles. In 1902 a William Charles Grant born Worth Matravers Dorset marries a Edith Mary Damer. NOTE the name Damer as it helps that this name appears in this family, earlier My real question is this. In 1861 I have a...
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    Stuck in the year 1766

    Unfortunately you would be looking at Parish records now I think, which always proves mores difficult. You would probably be best looking at the Nationla Archives of Scotland. Good luck
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    William Davies - How do you prove this

    Hello Kerrymac This is what I know William Davies born circa 1833 Noth Wales Denbighshire marries an Elizabeth Williams from I think Montgomeryshire. He is a Dock Labourer, they have 2 children William & Elizabeth. In 1891 William & Elizabeth(Williams) are living in Grafton Street Toxteth...