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    Parish Records general question

    As posted above, a standard form was issued to every parish in 1811/12 and all ceased using their existing format, which is why those up to that date have been placed in archives. Parishes only recorded Baptisms, Burials and Marriages, even after that date, there was no requirement to record...
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    Welsh Family History

    If you are prepared to wait longer for the certificate to be delivered, then I suggest that you do not give a reference number on your order to the GRO. If you answer NO to the question, 'Do you have the reference number?' then a new page will open and you can give the information that you want...
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    Welsh Family History

    Presumably you have purchased the birth certificates for the Ann and Cadwaleder Owens to which you refer. I would say that the one for Cadwaleder is most likely to be correct as he has an unusual name, whilst there are a lot of Ann Owen(s) about. Is Ann Owens the person that married a John...
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    From SW Suffolk to SE Essex.

    My paternal family can be traced around the S.E Suffolk/Cambridge/N.E. ,Essex area back 800 years and I myself was born and lived my formative years there and I have not come across any particular movement to the South of Essex. There has always been a trend for youngsters to make the move to...
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    Great Bardfield, Essex 1951

    Sorry I deleted this as I replied in error
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    Demographic chances!

    I have often thought that most people have an error in their trees somewhere because of the difficulty in making a positive identification prior to 1837 or more likely before 1754 when a printed format for parish registers was introduced. My family has mainly unusual surnames but they tend to...
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    John Henry Russell

    Births, Hull, Dec.1897, John Henry R Robinson, 9d, 305. I do not think that Nathaniel Russell and Annie Robinson? were married, a Nathaniel Russell married either Charlotte Roberts or Georgiana Blakeley in York Dec.1889.
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    Two weddings on the same day

    I expect that the Banns were published in two parishes being different residences of the parties. The actual marriage would have taken place in only one or possibly but very rarely a third. Between 1754 and 1813 the register of Marriages used by some parishes also contained the Banns and the...
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    Tackling brickwalls from certain angles.

    It works well as long as your ancestor comes from a village, although the names of villages given as PoB do get incorrectly written by enumerators and suffer errors in transcription. It does not work though with large towns and cities, there are just too many possibles.
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    any idea what occupation this is?

    There used to be a product on sale for cleaning baths and other ceramic products called VIM, perhaps he was a cleaner at a public baths.
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    Countesthorpe, Leicestershire

    Not an Andersons Yard but in 1911 there was a Martha Lord living in Anderson's Cottages, Countesthorpe. This seems to be along the Leicester Road.
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    William Taylor, 1841, Essex.

    There is a marriage in St Andrews Church, Helions Bumpstead Essex between a William Taylor, age 21 and a Mary Swan, 28, 8 Jan.1846, both give the place of residence as Helions Bumpstead and both are servants, both made their mark, witnesses were a John Betts who signed and John Swan who made his...
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    could this be the same person??

    This sounds to me as if there are two different transcriptions of the same parish register and the transcribers have come up with different interpretations of the same record. Try and find a copy of the original records and make up your own mind.
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    Shaw married Dixon

    Have you found their marriage as I cannot see one. According to the 1911 census they have been married 10 years and have no children, but there is no trace of a marriage c 1900/01. There was though a marriage of a Mary Jane Dixon in Carlisle, March 1899 but no James Shaw as a possible partner...
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    Susannah SEDDON

    She may have married again, no local marriages but North Bierly, Dec 1923 and a a Susan Seddon in Bury Sep 1925.
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    Frederick Kemp b 1872 Kent

    In 1911 there is a Frederick Kemp, born Ramsgate, Barman, giving an age of 33, who is an inmate at Strand Union Workhouse, 1 Sheffield Street, in the parish of St Clement Danes & St Martins in the Fields, London.
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    Death search please - Frederick Goodrum

    Are you certain that you are looking for the correct person, or the photograph that you have is of the same person. Acle is in Blofield registration district, a Frederick Goodrum was born in that district June quarter 1862. There were though a couple of other Frederick Goodrum registered in...
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    How would a family change their name in 1800's America?

    I can only speak for the UK but in days before there was any central records on people this was easy, I do not suppose it was any different in other countries. If you decided that you wanted to be known by another name then you just called yourself by that name. This would have been easier if...
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    Father samuel byfield & son robert benjamin byfield

    I cannot see this family in 1861 either, using the different index and search facilities available from The Genealogist. I did however come across another oddity. You say that Samuel's father was Robert Byfield a Tailor, In 1841 there is a Tailor Journeyman, Robert Byefield at Worship Street...
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    roger Boulton marriage 1608 Mobberley Cheshire

    The Knottesforde entry is from the LDS official transcription of the Mobberley register, which is presumably difficult to read as they have not recorded an exact date either only April 1608. The other entry I expect has been submitted by another researcher who may be more experienced at reading...