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    Emigration to USA

    Hello Marie, thankyou for your reply. i must firstly sincerele apologise for being such a tardy entry to this. I find that I've been trying this link of the family that it begins to get too hard to stick with. I am not good at searching the USA for info. So it got put to the side until I...
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    Huegonot people coming to UK

    Since I have been researching my family I have found some interesting things. MY G/gfather was the only one of his family to come to Australia. I have had to do nearly all my research through sites. One thing that was said to me was that it was possible my family came from France. the name...
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    Emigration to USA

    Hi Julie, thankyou for your previous reply to my query. I was wondering if the USA had family history genealogists who might be willing to assist with my query re joshua gloyn? precious
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    Rosina Johns australia Moonta

    Hello, My g/grandmother was Rosina Johns she married robert william gloyn in 1881 in Moonta South Australia. Sadly, she died a couple of years later in childbirth. her father was John Johns, a copper miner. Robert re married a Catherine Johns whose father was Thomas Johns. Rosina had barely...
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    Jago Family Wales

    [I][SIZE="2"]I am looking for any info concerning the family of Thomas Jago and alice maud Gloyn. They married 1895 Gilfymydd? in Parish of Egluyislan, County Glamorgan, Witnessed Henry Trenery and Tryfina Trenery. Henry may well have been his supervisor. Believe that he worked the coal mines...
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    copper miners devon

    Hi, Most of my ancestry have been copper miners in the Devon area. I have tracked the family to chester at one point where they worked in lead mines. Sadly, most of them didn't live long lives due to working conditioins or ill health. Most of them lived in very close proximity to each other.
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    early uk schools

    Hello, or Good Evening depending on where you are. I have been tracing my family back for the past few generations. I was lucky to find children that I didn't realize existed. Three girls lived with their maternal grandparents. 1901 census put them in the StAndrews area of plymouth. Flossie E...
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    Emigration to USA

    thanks.julie, his name was Joshua Caleb Gloyn born 1870 runcorn cheshire. he was a miner. he travelled by himeself. I definitely have his name recorded on the ships passenger list but don't know where to pick up the pieces when he got to USA. Believe it must be Ellis Island where he got off...
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    How did you get 'addicted' to Family History / Gen

    Hi, With regard to how did i get into this. I was first interested at 15 and now am 44. My g/g/father was the only one of his family to come to Australia. My g/mother on my other side came from Scotland when she was only 17. I was really curious to know where the rest of their families were...
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    Emigration to USA

    Hi, my ancestor was listed on board the ship to USA in 1888 but so far have not been able to find a way to look for him there. Does anybody know of family history who might look for him for me? The ship went to Ellis island, "Adriatic". Thankyou. precious
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    Hello Everybody I'm New

    Hello, I haven't done forums before but I am really wanting to find some genealogical facts if possible. I have been doing this for nearly 20years on/off. I am Australian but luckily have found some info in UK. Am looking around Devon, Cornwall and Wales. Looking for GLOYN, GLOYNE. Would...