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    Joseph Partridge London c1780

    I found it on Ancestry. Glad it helps.
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    william carey aletta holthauzen ??

    William John Graham born 1883 Ireland Aletta Gertrude Katrina Holtzhauzen born 1891 South Africa. Married - 7 Dec 1907 South Africa. :)
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    Joseph Partridge London c1780

    Joseph Partridge born 1780 Southwark, Surrey. Christened 19 Nov 1780 same place. His parents: Joseph Samuel Partridge b.1757 Southwark, Surrey d.1824 Southwark, Surrey Elizabeth Cranmer b. 1757 unknown. Hope this helps :)
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    Tribute to WW1

    http://www.1914-1918.net/index.htm On the right hand side click on "Hall of Memory" you can post a tribute to those who served in WW1.
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    WW1 Help

    hi lojo Thank you for the reply, I have already looked at the commonwealth wargraves commission, but like you said there are 12 w h tuckers listed. I don't know which one it could be:'( I know he died abroad but have know idea where. Thanks for you help Glow
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    WW1 Help

    Hoping someone one there could help me? I am trying to find info on my gg grandfather William Henry Tucker b. 1885 Cardiff. He was killed in action during WW1. Unfortunately I do not know what regiment he was in so trying to find info is difficult. May seem like a silly question, but where...
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    Welsh Coal Miners

    Found a good site if you are researching welsh coal miners. www.welshcoalmines.co.uk/Disasters
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    Another New One

    Thank you for the warm welcome :) What a great place FHUK is :)
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    Another New One

    Hello to everyone, I am Glow from Wales, been researching for about 2 yrs.