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    Hi It was the father William that was named as a Chemist - the son is the tailor in Newcastle, he is my G G Grandfather. I actually believe I have solved the problem - I have for some time had my eye on a family in Edinburgh that I had a hunch may be mine but for the occupation of the father...
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    thanks for the suggestions, i'll give them a try. Heather
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    Hi, my G G Grandfather William Muir has his father as William Muir, Chemist on his marriage cert in 1872. Although the marriage was in Newcastle, William was born in Scotland. Upon searching I find that 'chemist' isnt that common an occupation on the census and there are no Muir chemists in...
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    If you could ask....

    Wouldnt it be brilliant if you could go back and ask them things? it would be so much easier wouldnt it? Maybe too easy but perhaps if we could ask one ancestor each lol. Mine would be to ask my G G Grandfather John Smurthwaite about his parents. His marriage cert names his father but I think...
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    Benjamin and Ann Redshaw

    Thanks for the advice Irish but I have already been there and done that!
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    How did you get 'addicted' to Family History / Gen

    Hi I was introduced to family history by someone i met on the internet. He told me about his interest for a while but it didnt really grab me until I saw my great aunt on the 1901 census - and I knew her as she didnt die until 1976. Her sister, my grandmother and my grandfather both died...
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    Benjamin and Ann Redshaw

    Hi my Benjamin and Ann were marked as married and aged 19 and 17 in the 1851 census, living in and both born in South Shields. I have been unable to trace their marriage on the marriage index or in South Shields anglican church. Any help would be appreciated. Heather
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    Hi I am Heather from Co Durham (they wouldnt let me use Heather lol). My family are a mixture of Co Durham, Northumberland North Yorkshire, and Scotland with a wee bit of Irish thrown in. Main names from Co Durham are Egy, Brewster and Smurthwaite - anyone with any revelations on my...