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  1. Tom

    Recent Marriage

    I take it that the friend your Mum is wondering about was her bridesmaid at your Mum's wedding? You would need to have a look through the full indexes on ancestry for marriages and search each year quarter by quarter. Not an easy job, but not impossible.
  2. Tom

    Will revelation

    Yes Liz - it is always worth trying to look at primary sources where possible :) I have a will for a chap in the early 1800s where he signed it very neatly but a couple of months later wrote a codical where he had a very shaky signature and then an even later codical where he signed with a...
  3. Tom

    Death certificates; what's the use?

    "Usually I don't care when people died, anyway" - For me this is the opposite. My ancestors are more than just a name and date on a piece of paper. I like to follow them through and find out as much as I can about them. Death certificates will help you confirm things or might lead to other...
  4. Tom

    Choosing a Church to the Big Day. Victorian Weddings.

    Just a quick point to remember is that people generally married in the bride's parish. Obviously though there are exceptions to every rule :)
  5. Tom

    If you could ask....

    Dave, I have lots of photos from before 1890 and have seen lots before then. They came about (on card) from the 1860s onwards, and before that they were on glass negatives.
  6. Tom

    what era would you liked..

    I know exactly what you mean - I have always been fascinated by the Titanic but wouldn't have wanted to have been on it! LOL:2fun:
  7. Tom

    Is this possible?

    LOL Julie :D The IGI is playing up for me at the moment, but will have a look as soon as it is working again :)
  8. Tom

    Mystery name on certificates

    Hello Mac I would suggest you buy the birth certificate for Catherine Hartigan and see whether the date of birth is the same as you knew your mother's birthday to be. It sounds to me as though she was maybe born out of wedlock, or her mother was widowed and she remarried, or maybe was orphaned...
  9. Tom

    Is this possible?

    Julie, Get a copy of his marriage to Sarah (I think you already have one don't you?) and then get a copy of this marriage that was in 1809 and compare the signatures. Have you had a look for any children between Richard and the 1809 wife?
  10. Tom

    Time Machine-What ancestor would you like to meet?

    My 6x great grandmother, Sarah Timms, formerly Alvey. Sarah married when she was 20 and moved to live in the village her husband was from - leaving all her own family behind. Sarah is at the top of a lot of my research and I have done masses of work on her children and their descendents, so...
  11. Tom

    what era would you liked..

    I have a few different ideas. ;) The 1920s - my great grandparent's seem to have had such a great time through looking at their photographs and seemed to live life to the full. It was all very slick and "cool". The Tudors, Egyptians, Victorians are all areas of history that really interest me...
  12. Tom

    How far back have you gone?

    The furthest back I have personally traced is a couple who were born in c1666 and c1676. Info taken from their tombstone. However, I have managed to tap into several royal lines so have all the Tudors in my tree :) As it is a distant relation through marriage I haven't added on all the others -...
  13. Tom

    If you could ask....

    I would love to find out what happened to my 4x great aunt, Ann Ayre Davenport. I have her on the 1841 census, and the 1851 and 1861. I have her birth certificate and she was a witness at two weddings in the 1860s but then just vanished. I would also like to ask my Walter Timms where he was...
  14. Tom

    Modern day marriage licences...

    Hi Julie I think that to get married in a registry office you have to have a licence as you cannot have your banns read in church on the three Sundays before. Actually, now I am not sure. There is the intent published at the registry office isn't there for a period of time. This must be...
  15. Tom

    Births wrong?

    One of the practices of the member's of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saint's is to trace their family trees back five generations. Sometimes, people do not do this in a very accurate way and their info then gets put onto the website, warts and all! This means that anything you...
  16. Tom

    were obits popular in wales in 1957

    Hi Joy, That is for wills from 1858 to the modern day :confused: I have used it many many times for wills from the 1890s the the 1990s. :)
  17. Tom


    Sorry, should have said earlier. It is best to check each step of your research by buying the relevant birth, marriage and death certificates. They cost £7 each and can be ordered online from the GRO. http://www.gro.gov.uk/gro/content/
  18. Tom


    This family do seem to be fond of swapping their names around! I have found Edward William's birth reference: AMJ, 1857 in Milton District, Kent
  19. Tom


    Hi Sue, Looking on the 1901 census his father was: William E Bassant, born c1857 in Minster, Kent. He was a labourer at the brickfield. Looking at the census I think William's wife isn't Sidney's father as they have a group of children with a different surname, Bourne. I have found a...
  20. Tom

    Death lookup John and Elizabeth Roberts

    I can't see a will for John on TNA but there are a few hits for Polhill in Dover, they might be worth a look and may mention rellies and whether they were alive or not.