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    Metropoliitan police force

    Does anyone on here how to find out about family whom service within the Metropolitan police force , I have my fathers badge number and service and station, but to find him is another matter.:D
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    Henry B.W Strong

    Can anyone solve me this matter please even find the above person being married to Rosina A Wilkins possible 1974 at Richmond upon Thames. I have tried to find with no joy? Rosina was married in 1929 to Thomas Wilkins, but she divorced and re-married. all I can find is as above that's it, it...
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    Moppett family

    Hi Steve, don't get me wrong here, first thank you for your findings, but when I was a kid, my father took me to see a man in hospital at St John's Hospital, but I was 6/7 years old. We lived in Hammersmith. London As my brother was born before me as I came along in 1953. as my father was in...
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    John Henry Moppett

    Can some please find the death of the above person believe he died about 1954 in St Johns Hospital, London NW10. also if it tell you what he died of, and where lay to rest. as I was told it was Aldershot? His Parents where John S Moppett & Ethel R Wilkins. John was my brother that I never...
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    Moppett family

    Hi I trying to find out about birth of John Henry Moppett born:1950 in Kensington London. W8. Believe he may of died 1954 in St John's Hospital. Parents John Stanley Moppett & Ethel Rosina Wilkins. This person is my brother but I never knew him, but I was told of him when 18, but sadly I...
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    Moppett family

    Hi can any one find the married of Albert John Moppett born 1908 in Westmeston, Sussex. married Dec 1929 to Ethel M Bryett of Eastbourne. can you tell me if their where any witness's and if Ethel's father was said about. Thanks david
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    Moppett family

    I'm trying to retrace my family name MOPPETT believe they came from Rottingdean/Eastbourne East Sussex. My grandfather was Albert John Moppett born 1908 in Westmeston, Sussex married Ethel M Bryett 1907? Eastbourne. married Dec 1929, they had three sons John/Peter/Stephen. I believe the...
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    Old School

    Hi Steve, where did you find this info, as I knew about the story, but never knew whom did it, but I also found a ex-School member, is a member of FHUK and put a request for someone to email for me. But I will check these details out, many thanks for your help. David:)
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    Old School

    Can any one help me trace old school that was called Oak Hall School in Broad Oak Heathfield Sussex. I was at this school back in late 1960's and some one has said the school was closed down in 1990's due to a fire, yet I can find nothing about it? Any one help.?:'(
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    Getting Started

    Good Evening to all on here my name is David, I'm 65 yrs old and disable, I live in Farnborough Hampshire, The home of the British Army on my door step Aldershot. I have been here how 17 yrs, and sadly disable for 12 yrs, my accident was due to a 3inch nail in my foot causing me to loose it in...