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    Rothen / Saunders - Details Request

    Hi, Would anyone here be kind enough to do an ancestry search on the Birmingham electoral roles please for the following people please? Alice Rothen (Maiden Name Alice Saunders - born in 1907 and Albert Victor Rothen . Albert may well have died in 1940 as I have found a death record which is...
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    Quick clarification needed that I have the right person

    Hey, Can I get some quick help here just to confirm my findings please? There seems to confusion regarding my paternal grandmother as she might have changed her name when she left Scotland and moved to England. What I do know is that she was known as Susan Saunders (ms Bell) from Troon in...
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    what am I missing when making new discoveries?

    Hey, I have been researching my family tree on and off for about 8 years now and have made some decent progress with putting together names, places and dates when connecting the dots etc. The majority of my work has been from using the major boards such as FMP and Ancestry which has been great...
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    James Saunders - Trying to find WW1 record

    Hi, I have managed to get hold of my grandfathers birth and death certificate which is great however whats even better, is that it shows that his father (James Saunders) was in the 12th Worcestershire Regiment in WW1. There is a rank of Private listed and what appears to be a number 19197...
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    Finding out where people are buried

    Hey, I am trying to trace my family members from Devon and Birmingham which is going "fairly well" so far however the last resting place for the people discovered eludes me. Is there a place that you can go to discover where people have been buried ? On the BMD index there is a slightly more...
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    James Saunders - help placing movements

    Hey, I need a little help here from people who are more qualified than me to try piece a little puzzle together. One of the ancestors that I am searching is James Saunders (Born 20/10/1843 in Bideford, Devon) whom I have found birth details, movements into an orphanage and details of when he...
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    Help With Old Documents

    Hi, I am just looking thought some of the old documents that I managed to get from an orphanage in Bristol which were about my great x 2 grandfather who was admitted in the 1850's. Most of the documents are fairly easy to read however there are some bits that I am really struggling with and...