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    Indian Births

    Does anyone out there know where I might find records of BMDs of British expats children born in India?. It's a strong belief of mine that my mother was born in India, her father being a policeman, and she married a Lockyer. Its a classic case of Who? What? and Where? a puzzle that has flummoxed...
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    Its sometime...........

    Its been some time since I last posted or answered a thread but I have been sooooo busy with this and that. Three snipits of interest. (1) Found out the date and place of my parents marrage (2) Found the date and place of birth of my father (3) Now this one will get the blood running. My...
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    Birthday wishes

    Many thanks one and all for the birthday wishes but its getting that way that I will soon be wishing to forget them. ;)
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    Back among You

    I was great to know I was missed, cough,cough. But I was away at a friends place over the New Year rebuilding his shower and en-suite which had been eaten away by termites. Nasty bugers they are, the termites I mean. The job went well and I got it all finnished in 9 days. i came back on the 13th...
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    Seasonal Greetings

    I would like to wish all the happy hunters a wonderful christmas and lots of rellies for the new year. May your searches by short and your successes be fruitful. The carlings from down under.
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    Re: Offers of help

    Stanley Edward CARLING I'm very new to this type of thing and to the site. I'm getting on in years and becoming concerned that my grandchildren know nothing about my father/grandfather. I have tried all manner of sites to find even a glimpse of my parents but no joy. So I'm throwing myself upon...