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    Harold Godfrey born 26th october 1895 died 21st February 1969

    Hello I'm wondering If anyone can help me. I have some basic information with regards to my great grandfather Harold Godfrey but all of sudden ita dried up. He was born 26th october 1895 in Middleton and died 21st February also in Middleton. I have census records up until 1911 but from there it...
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    Thomas Cave 1779-1857

    Hello I'm looking for help in tracing my 4th great grandfather a Thomas Cave born around 1779 and died around 1857. He was married to a Ann Loakes (1780-1853). He was born in Bosworth Leicestershire. He had a son Richard Cave born 1814. This information was given to me from the Leicestershire...
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    Edward Godfrey born 1707 in Watlington

    Hello I'm wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction to locate some more information on my 7th great Grandfather a Edward Godfrey. He was born April 7th 1707 in Watlington. His fathers name is potentially Alexander. Edward had a son also named Edward who was born in 1739 and he...
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    Martha J Swindles 1852

    Hello. I'm trying to piece together my 3rd great grandmothers parents. I have had conformation and I have evidence to suggest that her parents are a John Swindles and a Sarah (surname Redfern). However I have found a census suggesting that her parents were a Sarah Higham and a William Higham...
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    Potential peterloo ancestors

    Hello. I posted earlier today with regards to my 5th great grandfather a Thomas Ashton baptised 27th March 1796. He had a son Samuel Ashton. I've just searched the name Ashton at peterloo and there are 3 potential relatives. I've attached them below. No location of where they resided match what...
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    Information on a Thomas Ashton born around 1801. Estimated from the 1841 census

    Hello I was wondering If anyone can help me gain more information on my 5th great grandfather a Thomas Ashton. He was born around 1801 which I've estimated from the 1841 census. In his household was his wife Betty and 2 sons samuel (my 4th great grandfather) and Thomas. If anyone could help me...
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    Thomas Henry Hulme born around 1875 oldham. Birth and parents help

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone could shed any light on my 2nd great grandfather a Thomas Henry Hulme. Born around 1875 in hollinwood oldham. He had a son Harold Hulme my great grandfather. I believe but I cant evidence this that Thomas father was a Edmund Hulme Ashton or Edmund Hulme. There...
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    William Gee born about 1852 Stockport married to Elizabeth McConnell

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone could trace my 3rd great grandfather a William Gee born around 1852/53 in stockport. He was married to an Elizabeth McConnell on the 22nd May 1875 I believe. I was wondering if anyone could confirm that and also who is parents were as I believe I may have this...
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    William Gee born about 1826 in Heaton Norris

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone could help me find some information about my 4th great grandfather a William Gee. He was born around 1826 in Heaton Norris. He was married to a Mary Ann Gee (potentially Hurst). I'm trying to confirm these details as well as confirming his parents as I have hit...