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  1. patrickw

    Removed ?

    Hello all, I wonder if anyone can explain (simply please) what we mean when we say a, relation is for example, a 2nd cousin, twice removed. This is prob very obvious to the more experianced amongst us, but I do get confused with it. I thought it was a generation thing but now Im not sure. Help...
  2. patrickw

    Weardens in Texas

    Hello, some years ago I found on line some references to a branch of the Wearden family that originated in Lancashire and ended up living in Texas. I have tried unsucessfully to relocate this family and wondered if any one could offer any help or suggestions. Thanks in anticipation Pat
  3. patrickw

    Winifred Wearden

    Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me find some accurate information of the death of Winifred WEARDEN , who died in approx Aug/Sep 1973 in Burnley Lancashire. I had been labouring under the impression that she died in Aug 73, but new information suggests I may have been in error and would like...
  4. patrickw

    a new link from forces reunited

    Hello everyone, Forces reunited have just launced a new site that may be of interest to those searching for anything regarding the forces, both units and personel. www.military-geneology.org.uk. Sorry I dont know how to create the link thingy (ludditte) but thats the address. Hope its useful to...
  5. patrickw

    John Wearden

    Hello, I am trying to track down JOHN WEARDEN born approx 1863 in Lancashire, prob Preston or area. In later census (1901) he is shown as being a wood joiner at Mill St. North. Preston. Alas I have been folowing what seems to be a wrong path with this chap so have no details re parents or...
  6. patrickw

    Unwanted Certificates

    Hi Dave, Like many contributors I have ordered certificates that on arrival have proven to be of no use and wondered if there was scope or indeed interest to have an unwanted certificate link on here, where members could list any B.D.M certifictes they have that are surplus to requirements and...
  7. patrickw

    family tree maker 2008 deluxe

    Hi friends, I wonder if anyone has any experiance in loading the family tree maker 2008 deluxe. While the programe is loading and operating ok, I am unable to register the product or access ancestry with it as it keeps coming up with "authentication with server failed" I can only assume this...
  8. patrickw

    Picking your brains !!!

    Hi everyone, I have recently been doing further research in to my maternal grandfather. His occupation was Electric tram driver (they stipulate electric becouse it was about the time of changeover from horse drawn and was apparantly considered more prestigious). My question is this, whilst at...
  9. patrickw

    Gerrard HESSION of Galway and then Lancshire

    Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me trace any information at all on Gerrard Hessian. He was born around the turn of the century in Galway (I think) and later moved to Lancashire (poss Manchester or Burnley) He married a girl called Kathleen Walsh, again I think in Manchester, was was thought...
  10. patrickw

    New addition to tree

    Just wanted to share with my friends at F.H.U.K. the news that yesterday, I became a grandfather again, on the birth of my first granson. Both mother and child are well and are now home. best wishes from an over the moon Pat :biggrin:
  11. patrickw

    Walsh in Kilgarvin County Mayo

    hi all, I am hoping someone can help me trace William Patrick Walsh, who I am given to understand was born in Kilgarvin (Kilgarven) County Mayo in approx 1855, so at the time of this census he would have been approx 5 years old. Thanks in anticipation for your help best wishes Pat
  12. patrickw

    FHUK Tool Bar Threads

    Hi everyone, Is it just me and my p.c or is everyone getting multi entries of threads on the fhuk tool bar. In the last 3 days, its shown almost 100 threads, but only 9 were original, the rest were repeated over and over. When you add these to the spammers that have found us, its becoming very...
  13. patrickw

    job descriptions

    While reading Izabels bleacher thread, it struck me how we can have different perceptions of what a word or description means. In my own case my great grandfather was described as a sleigh maker or slay maker. I though it meant that he made sledges for kids to play in the snow.!!! I found out...
  14. patrickw

    A success story

    Today I had some wonderful news. Completly out of the blue an e-mail popped into my box from a cousin in Australia who I had not seen or heard of for 45 years. I am now able to revisit a portion of my life long since forgotten with family I thought of as long since gone. Family history research...
  15. patrickw

    vote of thanks-please read

    It struck me today, as I was reading one or two threads, just how time consuming and difficult it must be to have this site operate as well as it does. I realise of course that we, the contributors play a part in this, but I wonder if any of us really realise just how much time, effort and...
  16. patrickw


    Hello, wonder if anyone can help me trace an Ashcroft family living in the Barnoldswick, Skipton area. The only firm name I have is Harry (poss Harold)Ashcroft who went on to marry a Jane Ann xxxxx. In 1901 he may still have been a young man though, so I'm not sure if that will help.Sorry, thats...
  17. patrickw

    Sandiford Scott

    :confused: Hi all, wonder if anyone can help with what I thought was going to be a simple querry? I am trying to locate the family of Sandiford Scott, who was born on 16th of December 19xx, possibly in Barnoldswick/Skipton/Lancs-Yorks borders, and would possibly married a lady called Helen. I...
  18. patrickw

    Latin in certificates

    I have recently discovered in a parish record a number of interesting (for me) baptismal records. unfortunaly they seem to be in latin. I am told that Roman catholic documents were often transcribed this way. Is this true? I have managed to work out the obvious i.e, the person being baptised...
  19. patrickw

    Vincent Walsh- where are you?

    Talk about a needle in a haystack| I am hoping to trace the Walsh family who emegrated to Australia on the assisted passage scheme in the mid sixties. The family consisted of John, my uncle, his wife Lilly (Lillian?) and son Vincent. I have no idea where they settled or indeed even if they...
  20. patrickw

    "Pick your brains?"

    Hi, does anyone have any information or knowledge of a site offering to host family trees called Tribalpages, or of a p.c. prog offered for sale called Genopro. I am looking for a method or place to build my tree on/in and am considering these. Would appreciate any comments. Thanks in anticipation