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    SLAUGHTER family in Kent

    I was wondering about the occupations or class of the Slaughter's in Kent. were they well to do? Is there any way of finding this sort of information out?
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    Alfred & Esther SLAUGHTER

    There was a Mrs Slaughter on the Fortitude that died after giving birth to a stillborn whilst on the ship. I wonder if this was Alfred Slaughter's wife (The Fortitude). Catherine
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    Alfred & Esther SLAUGHTER

    Hi Dave I have seen a Miss Slaughter traveling alone, but have not paid much attention to her as I am mostly interested in Alfred and Charles and possibly Thomas. So frustrating that The Woodbridge is not on Prov. It is strange isn't it? :confused: Alfred and Esther only had the four children...
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    Alfred & Esther SLAUGHTER

    A Mr and Mrs Slaughter and 2 children left Sydney for Moreton Bay on the Lavina, schooner on 20 September 1851. If it is ALfred and Esther Slaughter then the final piece of the puzzle will be when they arrived in Sydney.
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    Alfred & Esther SLAUGHTER

    Hi Dave Thanks for responding. I found it in the shipping Intelligence, 11 May, 1850, The Argus (Melbourne, Vic), page 2 in Trove. The ship was under Commander E. Coppell. It came to Adelaide then Melbourne. Some places record London as departure point, others have referred to Gravesend as...
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    Alfred & Esther SLAUGHTER

    I have found an Mr and Mrs A Slaughter with two children arriving in Melbourne on the Woodbridge from Gravesend in 1850. Could this be Alfred and Esther with their two daughters? I am not sure how to find the passenger list for this ship.
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    Thomas SLAUGHTER

    It appears that Naomi arrived in Adelaide with John Down on 14 May, 1846 aboard Isabelle Watson from London.