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    regimental records online?

    anyone know if the warwicks or staffords have online records? cheers
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    drifting places...

    now thats odd, as mancetter is only a small, very small village whereas atherstone is a market town yet it seems mancetter was the main original parish
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    Devils Bridge

    you could try for the welsh language translation bridge = bont devil = i dont know
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    Unknown Church Name & Place

    where did land/fly into? where did you stay? did you drive round or take the train, who did you visit, if seeing relatives have you asked, and lastly, check the other pictures on the same roll for clues...
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    drifting places...

    ive noticed the main area of my attention (atherstone), whilst nowadays firmly in warwickshire seems to have been leicstershire many years ago, or am i going gaga?
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    My dad......

    Dad hadnt seen this photo for years, i found it, scanned it and then thought "that carriage doesnt look right" so i googled "railway rolling stock FS" (see the FS on the carriage and the search came back Ferrovie della Sardegna - or Ferrovie dello Stato, So it was either Sardinia or mainland...
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    newbie alert!

    Thanks I shall be very annoying asking stupid questions so i apologise in advance ive joined genes reunited and am a freebie member of the ancestry.co.uk sites, moneys a bit tight so looking for any freebie searches! cheers
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    newbie alert!

    well, finding mum and dads photo tin set it all off.... dads 86, born 1922 mums 79 born 1929 both born atherstone warwickshire this mum and HER dad! (my grandad dexter) put together by an artist