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    Family History in Manchester

    Hi Corrina, 5 years is a long time to wait :). I live in Greater Manchester and have roots here. Are you still in need of assistance ? Regards, Giotto
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    How did you get 'addicted' to Family History / Gen

    Like itching powder grandmother's words of the 1950s eventually got me scratching and it was almost sixty years before I realised what she was on about :) The main man in my tree, a distant uncle b.1820 was a 'son' of the Stockton and Darlington Railway (all new to me). He went on to...
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    field family

    FIELD Family again I have found an ancestor's gravestone at St. Mary's, Woodkirk, W. Yorks. The inscription is "Here lieth the body of Joshua Field who departed this life 31st day of May 1755 aged 74". That gives his birth year c.1681. There is nothing to be seen at Ancestry.co.uk &...
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    field family

    Hello every one-----------glad to be back after running along with very good supporters in search of the John Barber Field I mentioned earlier. He was from Ardsley, W.Yorks and so in the meantime I have discovered a potential dynasty of ancestors there---including a terrace of family graves at...
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    field family

    Many thanks Julie, I hadn't seen the Louisa bap. The Barber mystery more recently extends to her 1905-sister-Sophia's husband, probably a cousin, named James Barber. Giotto
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    field family

    Re. John Barber Field = Sophia Crockford. Before subscribing to this FH site I was glad to find the above information by accident (starting from Google ! ). I was glad to dutifully thank 'jojo21again' per-to-per for her input, and now with help from friends I have found John's baptism and his...