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    Lets have fun

    Since we are all on a family history website for the UK, I would be interested to know what surnames are being researched, or wanting to be researched. Here are some of mine.... Price - Wales Goodman - Cornwall, England McRae - Scotland Taylor - England Svenssen - Sweden Logreen - Sweden...
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    Lets have fun

    My name is Laura Talbot and I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was excited to see that people all over the world are hitting brick walls like I am. I am 35 years old, have 2 children and work full time. I love the outdoors and sports, but don't get the time to participate like I used to. Now I...
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    penney family of stepney

    What is the relationship between Jesse Penney and Thames Waterman? I am a little confused on the relationships here.
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    1841 Census look up please

    I have the following: Evan Evans b. abt 1813 married to Ester Price Thomas Evans married Elizabeth Reese. They are the parents of Sarah Ann Evans b. 9/29/1883. David Evans married Jane Morse abt 1845 Sorry I couldn't be more help. Laura
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    1841 Census look up please

    I have several John Evans in my file, along with a lot of other Evans from Wales. I also have an extensive amount of Price's from Wales even a John Evans Price. The Price's are from Breconshire. Do you know anything else about John Evans? Any relatives, parents, siblings, etc.?
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    John Waters

    Sorry! None of this information is close to the Waters I have. Most of my Waters are from Cornwall, England.
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    Price family

    I have records on many Prices but they are from Breconshire. I can help in that area.
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    John Waters

    I have several John Waters in my file. Do you know who his wife is or any other information than the father's name?
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    Parish records

    I saw your messages and wonder if you might look up something for me in Kettering? I have Taylor ancestors from Kettering and I am looking for information on William Taylor and Ann Cockburn that were married about 1710. Ann (Cockburn) Taylor died in June of 1740 and was buried in Kettering. I'm...