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  1. prefabkid

    Edith Margaret Martin 1886-1936

    Hi Ashley After several years of searching using,amongst other records,local newspaper reports of her untimely death and details of her subsequent funeral I have finally traced my Edith Margaret Martin - my paternal grandmother. She was born 1883 Greenwich,London and married my grandfather...
  2. prefabkid

    JAMES ELSEY c.1792

    Hi Many thanks for the info.,will check my records Regards Ron
  3. prefabkid

    Waters in Kent

    Hi sretaw First apologies for delay in replying to your posting,pressure of work! :( I am researching a branch of the Waters in Kent.Mine (or at least my wifes) are mainly based around the Canterbury area (Selling,Waltham and Petham). Does this fit in with your searches? Regards prefabkid
  4. prefabkid

    Members Please Read

    To All Members I agree with the comment made by Sterico. I always make it my policy to thank any members who help me in my quest.It is always rewarding to know that your efforts are appreciated,especially when it solves a problem that has 'bugged' you for sometime. It only takes a moment to...
  5. prefabkid

    Time Machine-What ancestor would you like to meet?

    That is easy,if I could go back in time I would love to meet my paternal grandmother. I have researched many branches of my family,with one branch back to the 10th century.Unfortunately my grandmother died 10 years before I was born and both my father and grandfather died before I became...
  6. prefabkid

    Robert hall

    Hi pejay I have found an ancestor born Ireland in census returns for England having married an Englishman. I was interested at looking at possible sites to try and find details of her Irish roots,these links you have listed for Keith may help.Many thanks prefabkid :)
  7. prefabkid

    Birth, deaths and marriages

    Hi again juliejtp I have been offline a few days and am catching up with the postings. Another potentially very useful site,where do you find them? Will have a close look Many thanks prefabkid
  8. prefabkid

    The Weald Area Records

    Hi juliejtp Since I have many branches of the family in the weald this link could prove useful. Many thanks prefabkid
  9. prefabkid

    Useful new site/very good

    Hi Maudie Many thanks for link.Had same initial problem of error message as sml but now accessed the site. Have had a quick look,has Ontario records which look especially useful.Will have a proper look when get chance. Thanks prefabkid
  10. prefabkid

    William and Mark Elsey

    Hi Tazettemb Many thanks for the information on Mark and William,any information is welcome especially on rellies from distant parts. These two brothers of my paternal grandfather were just names when I started my research but have found out much about them,would love to know if they have any...
  11. prefabkid

    Tips for beginners and others

    Hi rustynath I have also found cases of child being named after a dead sibling in my trees. It can be especially confusing if a child appears in one census then apparently appears in the next with a totally different birth year. You then have to resort to checing the death registers between...
  12. prefabkid

    Hello all

    Hi Sharon Welcome to the site welcome We all try and help each other,we have a common aim and offers of help are always welcome.Local knowledge is always useful. We all hit 'brickwalls' and any help to climb them is appreciated. prefabkid :)
  13. prefabkid

    Can anyone tell me please

    Hi Lynne Duckweed was right in suggesting Genes Reunited if you haven't already subscribed it's not expensive.I have been a member for a couple of years and the number of contacts I have made is amazing.You may be surprised how many people may be researching branches of your tree :rolleyes...
  14. prefabkid


    Hi Lizanne Welcome to the site We are a friendly crowd here on the site and members are always willing to help.We all have a common aim,to find our roots. 'Brickwalls' are the 'joy' in searching for our ancestors,it's just some are higher than others!Let's hope we can help you to climb yours...
  15. prefabkid

    New addition to tree

    Congratulations,after the third you tend to get used to it,though still great news. :rolleyes: My son married a girl from Idaho,USA on 23 may welcome so this a new branch I look forward to researching.It's nice to import a new family member from North America rather than keep exporting...
  16. prefabkid

    Um hi everyone

    Hi Shaun welcome I'm sure someone on the site will be able to help you. Have you any other details on Emily and George,such as where they were living or originated from,it may help narrow down the field since Watkins is a common name.Any idea of birth dates etc,. prefabkid
  17. prefabkid

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the site. If we put all our 'brickwalls' together we could probably encircle the British Isles,unfortunately we all hit them.This is all part of the fun,or so we are told. Back to 125AD - wow! that must have taken some researching (where did that branch of the family originate?)...
  18. prefabkid

    Hello All

    Yes,Welcome to the site,we all have a common aim - to trace our roots.Members will help you where they can and we were all novices and still learning. I see you have an inexplicable affinity with Elizabethan/Tudor times and one of the names you are researching is BYRD.Of course William Byrd...
  19. prefabkid

    Commonwealth War Graves Commission

    pee wee Many thanks for the link,a useful site to add to my favourites! prefabkid
  20. prefabkid

    Invite to view my tree

    I have found Genes Reunited very useful in my searches and at reasonable cost. It has connected me with numerous,hitherto unknown,members of my family and often researching other parts of my tree. I have found the 'Hot Matches' facility particularly useful and of couse access to your tree is...