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    Middle Name found

    Frederick William Berryman born possible 1864 or 1870 Brislington Huntsville Parish have been quoted. Can Julie please look in the Census of 1871 for me? Gratefully, Berryman.:)
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    Berryman and Lamb families and Mears in Bristol and Midsommer Norton, the patriarchs being born in 1880s. Frederick and Henry and Harry and Stanley crop up as first names in every family and generation. Does the Census information include birthdates and places of birth? Does anybody know and...
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    Berryman Frederick

    Julie: No to age MiddleName or Siblings. Just3 spouses and in 1901 he would have had 2 sons Jack and Charles and two daughters Nell and Kate. There is a Harry Berryman who might have been a brother and if that is correct there is a Miss ?Berryman and Annie Berryman listed on the same line don't...
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    Berryman Frederick

    I am searching for Frederick Berryman who lived in Bristol in 1901, spouses first- no name known, second Alice and third Lillie and at least 6 children. Ancestors came from Cornwall \ when, who, from where in Cornwall? St. Burian is mentioned in stories M.L.Berryman