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    house hunt

    Ive been asked by a friend who owns a hotel in scarborough to do a history of her house have any members done this kind of search and are there any good sites for this kind of thing. Been having a look but seems a bit tricky when you don't know the name of the folks, she was told at one time it...
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    Heaven's very special child

    I have two sons with Fragile X Syndrome learning disabilities/autism and I work in a school for kids with special educational needs. my boys are grown now but still live at home with us. My best advice I can give you is hold onto your hats it will be a bumpy ride ahead but filled with many...
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    Thanks Dave, much appreciated.
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    I am helping a friend out with her tree and we have both hit a total brick wall, any new eyes would be much appreciated. Here goes. 1861 census Ruswarp bay Whitby. john cockrill house joiner. his wife Elizabeth and the children. also is Ann Wren who is listed as a widow and mother b. hemsley...
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    Confused newbie

    i have used ancestry for many years as i do family trees as a hobby and have built trees on there and never had any probs whatsoever with security i used to work in fraud so am well aware of the problems. Also if you do use ancestry you can have a tree online that is private not public so no one...
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    I've split my family tree on Anc.....

    try deleting the entry you made, they are changing the way you save the information and records this month to make it more streamlined so that may have something to do with it. might make it go bck to how it was. hate it when they mess with stuff seems to take ages till it settles in and you get...
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    new data base added to the find my past site

    looks like Ancestry have got some also, had a look with a random name but but does not look very specific.
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    the final piece

    Re: the final piece an update just to let you know that we where right hannah did have a baby before she married, still dont know who the father is, birth certificate came for john with surname douglas and a line through the father, think they must have done what we thought and just changed his...
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    missing bits

    thanks guys, i thought john stainsby had either died or remarried and if elizabeth was living with her family as is listed a neice looks like thats a definate possibility, i think her brother john edward stainsby may have died also but luckily we have the parish records here so i will go and do...
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    missing bits

    have a couple of gaps that im missing any help would be much appreciated. Elizabeth stainsby b. dec 1848 in Hartlepool,lived in Hartlepool cannot find her on the 1861 census, i have all her info other than this. Her father was john stainsby b. abt 1823 in northallerton Yorkshire. John was a...
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    ireland to dunbarton scotland

    been helping someone on their tree and the family lived in renton, but born in ireland. it was flax they all worked in the bleaching feilds, laying the cloth in the sun to bleach it. i was just trying to establish what part of ireland they may have come from, irish history not my strong point...
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    ireland to dunbarton scotland

    wonder if anyone has any knowledge of renton, cardross or the aleaxandria areas of dunbarton scotland been doing some history research on this area and seems that a lot of irish and dutch came to this area for the textile industry. Cardross is 2 miles from renton and the parish was...
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    the final piece

    going to get the birth certificate but after speaking to my freind he informed me that his grandfathers middle name was dudley!! so i definatly think we are right too much of a coincidence . Hes over the moon . john henry fenny went on to be a schoolteacher until he died in 1942. many thanks...
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    the final piece

    i had thought of that, i wonder if hannah dudley had never married but had had james her son and then married james fenny in 1862. She would have had to register him as dudley, but then when she married probs just changed it to fenny the name he used all his life. still happens today i know...
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    the final piece

    found the marriage hannah dudlley to james fenny 1882 stockton durham.but no birth for john henry?
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    the final piece

    thanks for helping, he is definatly john henry as per the marriage certif, and father james. i agree i think that is him listed as john p fanny on the 1891 census but ive not found a marriage for the parents, but the village whitton stillington had a population of just over 1000 and a lot of...
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    the final piece

    been trying to help a freind to find the birth of a relly hes now given up after 4 years searching ive given it a go myself, tried and failed or im seriously missing something. thought id post it on here and see if anyone can help to find the final piece of his tree. john henry fenny born...
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    parish records

    when a church is closed what happens to the records held there are they sold off, or given to other churches. just seems to be a nightmare trying to track down parish records when the church is no longer there, and they end up all over the place.
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    i was at the library the other day searching the parish records for a tree im doing, i knew that i wouldnt probably find much as they were all roman catholics, but i came across 2 books of baptisms for our abbey church here all in latin from the 1800s , made me a bit curious i knew that the...
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    parish records online.

    anyone know if there are any sites that have the east yorkshire including muston, filey and scarborough parish records to buy. i know the actual records are held in beverley in east yorkshire, but thought i try and see if there are any sites that had them, but not had any luck so far. suex