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    MACDONALD family in Inverness

    1881 England/Wales and Scotland census transcripts 23 Duff St ,Inverness James Mc Donald.....h......64.....1817...gen lab...Inverness Femia Mc Donald.....w......42.....1839......Kilmuir,ROSS & Cromerty Alexander Mc Donald..s..single...19 ....gen lab....Inverness Femia Mc...
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    Rev Canon Herbert Ham

    Thank you to Dave,Elmtree and Gibbo for all of your help Romany Rose x Gibbo I will pm you :)
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    Rev Canon Herbert Ham

    Hi Just wondering if anyone can help locate an obituary for the above he was the Rev in Wirksworth in Derbyshire 1917-1925 he was born 1869(would like to know where?) the following info (according to Wiki) he was an Anglican priest and a musician ,educated at Worcester College,Oxford,ordained...
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    Hi everyone

    Just saying hello and welcome to the site Romany Rosex
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    Nice to meet you all.

    Hi Karen, Looking forward to getting to know you too,just take a look at the various forums select the forum which is most appropriate to your query and post away.But remember to post has many details about the relevant person that you can.:) Romany Rosex
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    Merchant Navy Bosun Edwin Stanley A GEORGE born (London1902-1980 Birkenhead)

    regarding cemeteries If has you state that he is probably buried in Landican Cemetery,which opened in 1934 and still in use today The records from 1934 up till 2000 are held at the Wirral archives,but also at Birkenhead Library (reference section) There is no cremation records contact...
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    Merchant Navy Bosun Edwin Stanley A GEORGE born (London1902-1980 Birkenhead)

    Hello hope that this may help you?and I am sure that you may have the following taken from England and Wales Marriages 1837-2008 transcripts Pauline M O`Hara, event date 4 qrt --year-1972 spouse--Edwin Stanley A George district of Birkenhead,county of Cheshire volume 10a -page 51...
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    I am looking for a guy who was in war any helps?

    Hi, Before you go to Nottingham,take a look at the museums site www.wfmuseum.org(the archivist contact details are on there) the following 2 links previously given are correct I have typed the site into my address bar and also into the google search bar -both times they have worked...
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    I am looking for a guy who was in war any helps?

    Hello Just a thought but have you tried the Sherwood Foresters museum its based at Nottingham castle and although they concentrate mainly with the 1st ww they ,when I enquired about my fathers WW2 records(he served with Sherwood`s)sent them to me,and with their help I was able to claim my...
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    There are 2 brothers in my family born to Allen Alleine-Lord of Buckenhall c 1542 died Dec 1618 and his wife Lady of Buckenhall bc 1550,died March 1690 1/Tobias Alleine bc 1597 d 1667 ,married Elizabeth Northie 2/Richard Alleine bc 1585 at Ditcheat,Somerset,he married Elizabeth Foxhole it...
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    Murphy marriage

    Hello Matthew Murphy according to his arrival papers publication code 233015 >>Matthew Murphy Arrival port-Prince Edward Island Canada primary immigrant-arrival 1823 family members wife Mary >>taken from PEI genealogy both buried @St Martins R/C Cemetery South Shore PEI Matthew died 12/1/1853...
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    Murphy marriage

    Could I ask some help please?/ Matthew Murphy was born 1862 Ross in the County of Wexford(according to his arrival papers when he emigrated to Prince Edward Island-Canada) he married??(cannot find a marriage in Ireland)-Mary O`Neill who emigrated with him and we believe 2 children ---has I...
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    Bird -family

    Just wondering if anyone can find any info on John Bird and Elizabeth Fomen i.e confirmation of birth year/place and marriage Romany Rose x
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    Bird -family

    Hi Amanda Thank your for all your help ,it has now taken enabled me to go 2 steps back:D Romany Rose x
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    Bird -family

    Hello Amanda Many thanks for looking :),yes I had seen this tree and although the information given in it ,is the same has what we have ,it is correct in assuming that there is no records to back it all up-we have looked in various places have been to Norfolk- very strange :confused: Romany Rose x
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    Bird -family

    Hi Hope that everyone is well? I am looking into this for a friend, John Bird -b 1744-poss Norfolk.buried Fakenham 1805 m. Elizabeth Fomen/Foreman their son John Bird b 1779-1836 believed to be Norfolk.married Ann Gould 1784-1836 @ Barnham,Suffolk their son John Bird bc1810 d 1879 @ Snetterton...
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    Hello Glad to have you in the forum,looking forward to getting to know you Romany Rose x
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    Heaven's very special child

    Gibbo, I can only apologise for not seeing this post earlier.a child who is in want of a little extra care and love-is a very special child to behold,the love that they give back to us comes with serenity,hopefulness and contentment. This I know ,my kinfolk had born into our family a downs...
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    Ewers Family

    Hi Taken from FMP 1871 @Crappers Row,St Giles,Headington,Oxfordshire-John aged 6 b 1865 RG10 PIECE 1346 FOLIO 14 PAGE 22 1891 John is listed has a patient,occupation mason @ St Giles,Headington RG12 PIECE 1166 FOLIO 154 PAGE 4 1901 at 29 South Parade,Oxford,Oxford St Giles,Headington,John is...
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    Forgive me

    Hi Sue I`ts good to have you back :) Romany Rose x