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    Is this clearer? Hope it is,
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    I'll try, for some reason it wouldn't let me post full size. I'll see what I can do.
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    Here's the picture of walter. Says on the back it was taken at a photo studio in blackpool. Doesn't say the date.
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    Did you get the picture, I'm not sure if it sent or not.
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    Here's a picture of walter, on the back it says taken in Blackpool. It's a little creased.
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    Hi, oh yvonne, I know yvonne. here's a picture of walter. It's abit creased.
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    Yes he's still alive. Sorry, do you mind me asking who it is that sent you the photos? I think stanley is the only suriving sibling. I just can't get over how much arthur (walter's brother) looks my other halfs grandad! Are you and your wife from sheffield?
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    sorry, can I just ask. You know the first picture you sent me of walter and a man and a woman, is it Walters brother and sister in law?
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    Yes that's what I've got aswell. Sorry Alan was born 1931, I said 1932. I've just found a picture of walter in the stash of photographs lol
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    Hi, so the first picture you sent was Walter, his brother Arthur and arthur's wife, is that correct? The man on the right, it's like looking at my partners grandad! He said the same! I'll try and find a picture of his grandad around that age, and send it.
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    Hi Wayne, my other halfs grandad was Alan Spink b 1932. He was a son from Walters 2nd marriage to Lydia. So would be the half brother of your wife's grandad.
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    Hi who are these in the picture?
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    This is brilliant! Thank you for this. well Walter would be my other halfs great grandad aswell. Must be related somehow.
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    Hello Can anyone help me. I'm looking for any information on a william demaine born around 1675 in pateley bridge, also know as gulielmi demaine ( think it's the latin version of william) Thank you.
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    Hi, My 3x great grandparents were richard taylor and Elizabeth biggin. I think they were both born in sheffield and they had a daughter, florence taylor. I'm not sure if they had any other children or not. I don't know when they were married. In not too sure on their parents either. I was...
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    Hello. James roebuck grant born 1861 I think in Leeds married Eliza backhouse bon 1881 in Aberdeen, Scotland. Looking for james parents and eliza's parents. Thank you.
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    Hello. Henry Greaves born in dronfield, derbyshire not sure who he married but they had a son, David Greaves. Not sure if he was born in dronfield or sheffield and i don't know whether they had any more children. David Greaves married a Margaret Lees. Looking for the parents or henry and his...
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    Hi all, I'm struggling to find a walter spink. I'm not sure on where he was born, he married a lydia gray in sheffield i'm guessing. They had children, not really sure how many one called alan spink which is my partners grandad, he seems to think his grandad told him his dad was born in hull...
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    Caroline fletcher born in sheffield married a sidney yates. Caroline was born 1905 and died 1990 in sheffield. They had four children i think, one being my grandma. I think i may have found caroline's parents but i'm not 100% sure, i'd be grateful of any help. Thank you. :)
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    Hi Looking for the name of the wife of a fred hoyle, not sure where he was born but he resided in bawtry, south yorkshire. They had a child, edith hoyle. Not sure if they had any more children or not. Their daughter edith, married a hugh cornthwaite in sheffield. Thank you.