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    Ethel LOCKWOOD and Florence & Thomas OLIVER

    Hello all. I have an ancestor named Ethel Mary LOCKWOOD, b 1892. She was living with her mother in the 1901 census in London, and then marries in Portsmouth in 1915. Ethel's mother died in 1909, and I had found two Ethel Mary Lockwoods in the 1911 census, one a servant and one found for me by...
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    Ooh I think I found a gentleman in the family!

    That is gentleman with a capital G. I had to let my ancestry sub lapse due to lack of time for research, but through free 1911 records I stumbled across a husband I had been missing for some time. Can anyone give me the full details of the marriage, looks to be in the London Marriages set so...
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    The Much Married Mary

    Alright, she only married twice, but finding her in the censuses is still driving me nuts! I'm looking for Mary Ann RAY in the 1871 & 1881 censuses - she married George Ray in 1863 in West Ham, Essex. He is recorded variously as labourer or iron moulder. Mary Ann was born about 1836 in Stanford...
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    Missing Lockwoods in 1911

    Hi. Would appreciate help from anyone with access to 1911 census. Cannot find Ethel Mary Lockwood (b1892 London) and her sister Grace (b1896 London) in 1911. In 1901 they were living in St Mary Stratford, Bow with father Allen and mother Alice. Alice died 1909, and Allen is a boarder & widower...
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    NZ census?

    Apologies if this has been asked and answered a hundred times already...! I've just started researching my husband's side of the family, who supposedly came to NZ in the gold rush from Scotland. Having done lots of UK research and found how helpful the census records are, I'm at a loss to find...
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    Did he emigrate?

    I'm hot on the trail of a whole load of Farquharson relatives in Dorset. My gr-gran's uncle had 10 children just down the road from where I grew up and we never knew! Anyway, one of them, Donald Edwin Farquharson born 1884 Dorset, disappears after 1901. He was a bricklayer in the 1901 census...
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    New South Wales - where do I start?

    Hi. I just discovered a relative in the same hemisphere! Hoorah. Trouble is I don't know where to start looking for more information. All help much appreciated! She is Mrs (Mary Ann) Simgan or Limgan (nee Farquharson), born 1869 in Carmarthenshire. Her address (from her brother's army records)...
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    Mary Ashworth to John Oddie, Bury

    Mary Ashworth to Richard Oddie, Bury Hi. Can't find a marriage between Mary Ashworth and Richard Oddie - should have taken place about 1868 almost certainly in Bury, Lancs. I have come across a Mary Ashworth marriage where there are two brides on the page and only one groom (Manchester 1868...
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    Help please! Farquharson birth in Ireland

    Hi. Some of my ancestors had a brief sojourn in Ireland (-5 years), and I haven't been able to find out where. However their son was born there, so I'm hoping if I can find his birth it will at least tell me where in Ireland I should be looking for more info. Have tried IFHF but no luck. The...
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    Mary Jones & family Mold Flintshire

    Hi. Looking for John Jones, master watch and clockmaker (born 1813 Anglesey), lived on King St in Mold, Flintshire in 1841 and 1851. By 1871 John is dead though, so it is possible that he is already dead in 1861, in which case I am looking for his wife Mary (b1811-1816 Northop Flintshire), and...
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    Paul BANFIELD is driving me MAD!

    OK, when I found myself searching on ancestry for about the sixteenth time for this particular ancestor, I figured it was about time I asked the experts for help! I'm looking for Paul Banfield and his daughter Jane. Jane Banfield (sp) married Robert Dewmore in Brompton (London) 24 Oct 1854...
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    Welsh naming conventions?

    Hi. One of my ancestors is William Parry Roberts Parry. His mother was Gwen Roberts, and his father John Parry. I'm just wondering where the other Parry in his name came from. It looks to me like these strings of surnames are quite common in Welsh names. Is there any kind of naming convention in...
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    W Charles Turney Lucas - who are you?

    Staying with one of my ancestor's sisters (Sarah Brazier, 66 yrs old, unmarried washwoman) in 1881 is a boarder W Charles Turney Lucas. According to the birth index the W stands for William. He was born 1879, registered in Ampthil, Beds (and staying in the same area, Clophill, for the census)...
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    Records for emigration from UK to Canada?

    Hi. One of my very distant relatives was a bit of a black sheep. Supposedly embezzled some money from his father's draper business and disappeared. Rumour has it he went to Christchurch NZ (which I shall be checking out myself when next there) but another relative has raised the possibility of...
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    Dudness Essex - where is it?

    Hi. One of my ancestors is repeatedly listed on censuses as having been born in Dudness, Essex. Web searches only show up other census entries for Dudness - I can't find any reference to a past or present place with this name! Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Tamsin
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    Marriage Mary Lancaster to Edward Locking, Hull

    Is anyone out there able to do a marriage lookup for me? Mary Lancaster (b.1845, York, Yorkshire) to Edward Locking (b. 1840, Hull). Marriage 1862, Hull I *think*. What I'm after is Mary's father's name and occupation, as I can't track her back with any certainty before her marriage. Thanks...
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    Do I need to buy software?

    OK, so when I decided to look into the family history, I shelled out (gulp) for the ancestry membership with access to parish records etc. I plan to get as much info as I can in the year, then maybe switch to a site with 1911 census data, or go offline (depending on finances!). Now I'm thinking...
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    Difficult rare name...help!

    I'm hunting Robert DUMUGHN, also known as Dewmore and Dewmorn, and previously mis-transcribed as Dumaghn and Denninghn. Robert was born 1830 either in London or Havre France (censuses disagree), died 1901 Bispham, buried in Bury. He was a tailor. We cannot find him (or his father Robert...
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    Lost in a sea of Parrys and Roberts

    Hi. I'm a beginner, trying to find parents for John Parry (b. abt 1815 Whitford) and his wife Gwen Roberts (b. abt 1816, place illegible, see below). I think I've tracked him down to a John Parry born 16 Feb 1814 to Joseph and Eliza Parry (only two John Parrys in IGI for Whitford in 1814 or 15...
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    Hi. I just stumbled across this site while fiddling around waiting for ancestry.co.uk to get itself together (why does it disappear on you just when you were about to follow that really promising lead?!). Seems like a great place to get some advice! I'm Tamsin, and I have been researching my...