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Search results

  1. calliek

    Free Access to Canadian Records on Ancestry.ca

    Free Access to Canadian records until July 2! http://www.ancestry.ca/canadaday
  2. calliek

    This looks like a job for this group!

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-tayside-central-31797599 Maybe someone from Blair Castle has more info?
  3. calliek

    Free Access to Canadian Records on ancestry.ca

    Ancestry.ca is offering free access to a few of their collections until Dec 29 Canada, British Army and Canadian Militia Muster Rolls and Pay Lists, 1795-1850 Canada, British Regimental Registers of Service, 1756-1900 Canada, City and Area Directories, 1819-1906 Canada, Registers of...
  4. calliek

    Help with old photo.

    I found the photo in my dad's stuff- it's identified as great great grandmother Lawrance and it's in my dad's hand writing but he doesn't recall writing it and can't actually identify the people. I'm doubtful it is my father's g x2 grandmother- the furthest I've gone back in the Lawrance line...
  5. calliek

    Archibald Adair, Argyll

    I thought I caught a break on my MacVicar/Adair line but I've stalled out again so I'm bringing it to you wise folks. I discovered a letter written by John MacVicar written in Nov of 1818 that tells of the death of his father in-law and the strong possibility that his wife Katherine Adair stood...
  6. calliek

    Questions regarding church record

    I downloaded this doc from Scotland's People website and I'm left with more questions than answers. I'm hoping that some of you brilliant folks may be able to offer some explanations of things that are puzzling to me. apologies for the size of the image but it's rather difficult to make out...
  7. calliek

    Look Up Please! 1851 Marriage Blairgowrie,Perth,Scotland

    If any one has access to Scotland's People (my credits expired sadly and I can't afford the £7 at the moment) I'd greatly appreciate a look up for the following marriage: groom's name: Thomas Anderson groom's birth date: groom's birthplace: groom's age: bride's name: Margaret Laird...
  8. calliek

    Free Access to Ancestry.com collections Dec 26-29

    Ancestry.com/2012 Ancestry.com is offering free access to a number of their collections until Dec 29 including: * 1940 United States Federal Census * Border Crossings: From Canada to U.S., 1895-1954 * Border Crossings: From Mexico to U.S., 1895-1957 * California, Railroad Employment Records...
  9. calliek

    Look up please - George Henry Lawrance

    Can I get a look up please? George Henry Lawrance b Nov 1877, London parents William (Henry) Lawrance and Ellen Quinton - no info on siblings if any I have a Birth registration that seems to fit: Date of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar 1878 Registration district: Mile End Old Town Inferred...
  10. calliek

    Looking for Starkley's in Birksby

    Came across a letter written by my grandmother that mentions meeting cousins, last name Starkley who lived at 28 Arnold St, Birkby, near Huddersfield in 1958. Letter mentions a Mr Starkley no first name give who was 91 ( born approx 1867), Mrs Starkley, again no first name, aged 80 (born approx...
  11. calliek

    Kilners in Huddersfield and area

    So my trip to Huddersfield gave me a whole lot of new info to work with but of course not much of it is definitive. DaveHam and I have been bouncing this line back and forth for a while now and there are a couple of possibilities we've been trying to prove or disprove one way or the other...
  12. calliek

    My UK Visit Highlight Reel!

    So I'm back in Canada now but I had the most wonderful trip! We made it to all of our destinations - the rail system in the UK is marvelous! Stayed in lovely hotels, had a great visit with friends and met previously unknown relatives. Food was yummy -I personally ate my way through the cheeses...
  13. calliek

    What's in a name?

    Here's a funny thing that I think you lot will appreciate, at least the cooks in house I've mentioned before that my surname is Kilner, like the jars and that I do a fair bit of preserving. What I likely haven't mentioned is that I actually teach workshops in food preservation for a living...
  14. calliek

    Kilner Bank, Dalton

    I'm looking for more info on Kilner Bank in Dalton and can't seem to find anything on how it was named. All of the online resources I can find seem to be about it's present day revitalizaton and a bit about how it was used in the wars but not much else. Any suggestions of online sources for...
  15. calliek

    More exciting news!

    Back in February I was contacted on Ancestry by a man who had found some papers in a hidden drawer of a desk they were refurbishing. I received this email from him today! Anne Richardson Bamforth was my 3 x g grandmother
  16. calliek

    I'm coming to England this summer!

    So I've got about two months to plan how to do everything I can fit into 23 days! We arrive July 26 and will be spending at least a few days in Huddersfield (where I have traced the Kilner line to) and vicinity to do family history research. I would love some tips of places to visit in person...
  17. calliek

    Clarification needed

    I feel a bit sheepish asking this now but I got so much info so quickly, thanks to you all- you're amazing!- that I got caught up in the hunt and let details slide a bit. For the most part I've been able to figure things on my own or from tips from other posters- again thanks! but I was recently...
  18. calliek

    Look-up Please! 1901 US Census

    Can I please get a look- up of the 1901 US census for James McCrone in Cook, Illinois? Looking for spouse name and their date of arrival specifically although I'll take anything I can get!
  19. calliek

    Brick Wall- Quebec is a Black Hole

    I have discovered that the records in Canada, particularly Quebec prior to 1850 are pretty sparse but I'm hoping some of you experts might have some suggestions. I have come to a dead end with 3 branches of my family, all around Montreal/ Lachute QC. McCluskey- I have Joseph McCluskey and...
  20. calliek

    Look-up please!

    Can I please get a look-up for John Fraser born 1794 Banffshire, Scotland Death 27 Nov 1854 Lachute, Quebec, Canada No immigration date known but I believe both marriages took place in Scotland Specifically I am looking to clarify the following info: Marriages for two spouses and the birth...