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    Xmas funnies

    See if we can get at least one a day posted from now to Xmas day :) So feel free to add to the thread.
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    History, did you know

    People used to use urine to tan animal skins, so families used to all pee in a pot & then once a day it was taken & Sold to the tannery.......if you had to do this to survive you were "Piss Poor" But worse than that were the really poor folk who couldn't even afford to buy a pot......they...
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    Google map failure

    My sister sent me this the other day whilst they were on holidays and trying to find a National park. They did eventually find it but not on that road :LOL:
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    Straight to the point

    No sugar coating things in the "old" days. Mount Alexander Mail (Vic. : 1854 - 1917) Mon 21 Dec 1857 HENRY GRIFFIN or Thomas Young. —Come or write to your sister as soon as you can.: Your brother is dead. Mrs.' "W . Griffin, Telegraph Hotel, .Forest Creek, Castlemaine...
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    Ancestry uk FREE

    Four days FREE access to all UK and Irish records. FREE ACCESS UNTIL MONDAY* *Free access to all UK and Irish records until 26 Aug 2019. Registration required. Terms apply https://www.ancestry.co.uk/cs/free-access
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    Problem with site

    I have been a member in here for over 10 years so why today am I noted on my profile as a "new member" and my post have to be approved by a moderator?
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    Free access - Australia and NZ

    Free access to Australian and New Zealand records, Ancestry until 28th July. https://www.ancestry.com.au/cs/immigration?o_xid=100938&o_lid=100938&o_sch=Social+Media+Natural+
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    Rose Shipman

    1911 census .. Would it state how many kids living or deceased that Rose had. {she is single but had kids, not sure where they are as yet] Name Rose Shipman Event Place Stretford, Trafford, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom County Lancashire Parish Stretford Sub-District...
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    Rose Shipman

    Rose and her partner John Hall [they were not married] were charged with manslaughter on the death of their baby son, Charles Hall. Manslaughter charges were dropped and they were charged with neglect. I have read most of the newspaper articles on them but wondering what information might be on...
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    Agnes Shipman

    I can not find a birth for Agnes, mother's maiden name Foster. 1901 No Agnes Name Robert Shipman Event Place Scarcliffe, Derbyshire, England, United Kingdom County Nottinghamshire Civil Parish Scarcliff (Derby) Ecclesiastical Parish St Leonards Scarcliffe Sub-District...
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    The Cage

    This place has some history and is up for sale. Would I live in it ... not likely :eek: Not with some of the things I have read about it. HAUNTED :oops: During the St. Osyth witch trials in 1582, 14 women were accused of witchcraft-related crimes, for which three were executed. During the...
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    Little People

    Practising their artistic talents :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Gnome name

    Just for a bit of fun, what is your Gnome name. [link below] https://www.quizopolis.com/gnome-name.php Mine is "Chirpy GreenFingers" :rolleyes:
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    Villers & co

    I was given another family hand down that belonged to my great grandmother. It has stamped on the bottom VILLERS & Co England. I like a bit of history on my family heirlooms where they come from etc. I cant find anything on Villers & co. I even checked the newspapers and nothing. Can anyone...
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    Sydney Morning Herald 1960

    Sydney Morning Herald apparently did a story on my great grandmother in 1960 when she turned 80. I have been through the SMH papers online several times and cant find the article. Im beginning to wonder if it was another newspaper and for some reason over the years the family story changed the...
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    Bright ideas

    After a haircut i had an idea of mixing the rinse colours together just for the hell of it. What a damn mess! :oops: It was bright red BUT where the grey was had turned orange! :eek: Looked like a damn traffic light minus the green :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Would i mix colours again? Yep probably...
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    Lost Trades

    I would have loved to have gone and seen this but due to other things happening I cant go :cry: Never mind maybe next year :D Its not near me but would make a interesting week end away. We all know how they made things back then but how neat would it be to watch them actually do it. Lost Trade...
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    Site problems

    Im still having problems with the site. I cant use google chrome and have to use internet explorer :rolleyes: Sometimes I cant find any delete/leave in my private messages and other times its there. Anyone else still having problems? If so just let us know and hopefully admin can fine tune a...
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    DNA question

    If someone was a 6th or 7th cousin to my grandfather and if he and I had a DNA done would it show we are related?
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    Losing History

    In the 1970s due to ill health my grandparents moved from the farm into town. Even tho a family member had taken over the farm no one lived in the old farm house so for 40+ years it has been left to deteriorate . They had built and lived in the house since their marriage. I was heartbroken to...