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    Just pre-War??

    OK, two things. 1) how does anyone look into pre-War period, back to the 1911 census? 2) How do I find out where a road was before it was obviously "slumcleared"or renamed? I have two Cornwall Roads changed to Cornwall Avenue and Redruth Road in the East End. To be honest, neither of them seem...
  2. M

    Finding East End streets

    Hi all, does anyone have an answer to finding streets in the East End? I realise they may have been bombed and/or redeveloped post War, but there must be indeces of street names to go with the various old maps?? Mike and Dave have very kindly taken me back to the early days of the rapid...
  3. M


    Hello, I notice the forum owner has the above name in his research list. I know it's in my family, but can't find a way of sending him a PM. Martin
  4. M

    site problems?

    Hello, I've been trying to click on things like cencus online 1911, etc. and it just goes back to the home page. Anyone have the same problem? I just don't know where to start. Martin
  5. M

    Hello from the Fens

    Hello, I've just joined the forum and am a complete beginner where genealogy is concerned. My Uncle has done my maternal grandmother's tree I think, but I need to research my own. That is Field and Darlington. My mother's family is Rozee and Simmon, both from France. My father's tree is Field...