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  1. Ladybird1300

    1939 Register update

    My aunt was b1919 she is showing now, but then she would have been 100 this year she died in 2016. I noticed my father's DOB is wrong, he was registered in 1924, but for some reason the 1939 register has his YOB as 1927 :eek::eek::eek:
  2. Ladybird1300

    Please Be Gentle

    Hello Steve Welcome to the forum, I don't think I have a connection to any of those names, but the way I'm going I'll have yet another county to add to my growing collection. Amanda
  3. Ladybird1300

    Gaining Names?

    Yes I've also seen the same thing. My g g grandfather was baptised Stephen Abbott and when his son William John married he was Stephen Charles Jeremiah Abbott, who knows why?? Also on grandmother's birth certificate she is Sarah Eleanor Abbott but baptised Sarah Nellie Abbott!! Amanda
  4. Ladybird1300

    Benjamin Bradley

    Oh I understand that, but there weren't any Samuel Benjamin Bradley's baptised in Lancashire, well none that I've found anyway.
  5. Ladybird1300

    A newbie on here

    Hello Janice and welcome Amanda
  6. Ladybird1300

    Benjamin Bradley

    Yes Em as Ellie says in #7, thanks
  7. Ladybird1300

    Benjamin Bradley

    I have a marriage for Mary in 1833 to Abraham Johnson and I believe she died in 1862 Ormskirk. I have a marriage for Benjamin to Ellen Finch in 1832 Ormskirk. I have one for the youngest Hannah in 1833 to Peter Moss and a death for her in 1837. When Hannah married she was recorded as Ann but on...
  8. Ladybird1300

    Benjamin Bradley

    I looked for a baptism for a Samuel Benjamin Bradley but as yet I haven't found one in Lancashire, so I'm wondering if he was Samuel Bradley?? But if he was, where did Benjamin come from :unsure: scratches head. Amanda
  9. Ladybird1300

    Benjamin Bradley

    Yes couldn't agree more, it's great when you get the bigger picture, thanks
  10. Ladybird1300

    Benjamin Bradley

    Ooo I don’t have a Thomas, I have Ann, William, Mary Benjamin and Hannah I suppose it could be him??
  11. Ladybird1300

    Benjamin Bradley

    I don't think poor relief for Lancashire is on the internet. I haven't seen it on FMP or Ancestry so I will have to wait.
  12. Ladybird1300

    Benjamin Bradley

    Elizabeth is in the 1841 census and I have her death as 1847. I wish I knew where Benjamin was born??!! Amanda
  13. Ladybird1300

    Benjamin Bradley

    I thought he was the one I was looking for Ellie, but I know there was a marriage 1798 in Prestwich to a Matty Skelhorn so not sure if this was right :unsure: Amanda
  14. Ladybird1300

    Benjamin Bradley

    Thanks Steve I had a feeling this wasn't going to be easy, not sure which one I'll be going with there :unsure: Amanda
  15. Ladybird1300

    Benjamin Bradley

    I’m looking for the baptism of Benjamin Bradley who married Elizabeth Wood Liverpool 30th September 1798. Benjamin died 1818 Liverpool giving a both of c1778. Also looking for a baptism for Elizabeth Wood. Many thanks. Amanda
  16. Ladybird1300

    And we think Smith is a common surname.

    At one point I thought I'd got away with Smith, Brown and Jones, I just had to look further back than most to find some. Athough the Brown I have has an E on the end.
  17. Ladybird1300

    Hi. I am new to this forum.

    If you find the thread where he posted his question and leave your information, he should receive an email about it. Not everyone signs in everyday. Amanda
  18. Ladybird1300

    Re-visiting Molyneux

    Yes Geoff that will be her. I think only the eldest three were baptised Catholic, the other being a son born in Glasgow 1854. I’ve never found baptisms for the younger children, unless the records are not online yet. I don’t think Mary was a Catholic, James’ father was Irish so he was most...
  19. Ladybird1300

    Re-visiting Molyneux

    The breakthrough wasn't right the help I had with this hadn't seen a record which I have just found. This could be the reason I have had so much trouble researching the family. Some new Catholic records have just been put on FMP which may change the direction of my search. There is a baptism...
  20. Ladybird1300

    Joseph Patrick Hegney

    Thanks for that. It's odd because the name Higney/Hegney and Heany are all the same anyway hÉignigh the Irish spelling Amanda