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    Great grandfather's war medals

    I would like to get any service medals for John Henry Leigh ...June 1897-Dec 1974, spouse Martha Constance Howe ... m May 1922, to give to my grandson. John served overseas in WW1 in the army. He worked with horses but I have no further details. He only talked about how seasick he got. He was...
  2. H

    Coster Tree

    I am seeking conformation of the ancestors of JOSEPH COSTER (born in 1803 in Benson Oxford Shire). Is Joseph Coster the son of Alice Witchlow and William Coster? I already have documented evidence of Joseph and his descendent's down to myself...
  3. H

    Parents of Joseph Coster. Who are they?

    For absolutely ages we have been unable to find out when and where Joseph was born and who his parents were. So here is some information to go with a plea for help. Joseph Coster. b. ? m. 9 Jan 1825 in Oxford, UK - to Mary Ann Wiggins. d.1832 in Chalgrove, Oxfordshire, UK. He had a...
  4. H

    Adeline Victoria Smith (nee Matheson)

    Re Sydney, NSW, Australia. Is the Adeline who married George William Harris Smith in 1908 and had five children, Adeline, George, Arthur 1910, Leonard 1912 and John1915, the same person who married Frederick Harry Vincent Eades in 1918 and had Alan Vincent Stanley in 1918? Was there a divorce...
  5. H

    George William Harris Smith

    Born about 1894 possibly in Nicholson near Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia. Served 4th Light Horse in WW1 Died during WW2 I am looking for criminal records for attempted rape and assault, most probably during the twenties. At this time he lived in Neutral Bay, Sydney. His wife was Adeline...
  6. H

    Is William Kemp OUR William Kemp

    The 1851 census shows John and Hannah Kemp with a son William born 1840and I don't know how to prove, or otherwise, that he is OUR William. Circumstantially he could be. At least from our William onwards the family were printers, but I have spoken to an old man living in one of the mill...
  7. H

    Joseph Coster & Mary Ann Wiggins m1825

    My husband Tom is a direct descendant of Joseph Coster and Mary Ann Wiggins who were married in 1825 at St. Michaels Church in Oxford. We have visited the church and seen the parish record. Their daughter Maria was born 2/11/1828 and son John Porthumus Coster was born 23/12/1832. Despite...
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    Delay in posting wanted names

    Tonight - I'm six hours ahead of the UK - I was browsing around the FHUK site when I came across a comment from someone saying their wanted names post had not eventuated and that the last date for items in 'Wanted Names' was June. I also tried to post Coster and Kemp (or was it Thompson), got...
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    Meebo Rooms

    Really trying this to see if I can actually make a post. For the last few days I've got into the site but then been locked out from posting. But it looks as though all is well again. Maybe.............Tonight when I logged in I came into Meebo Rooms. Rather a ghostly experience! Anyway...
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    What is a recommended Family History group?

    I'm about to subscribe to a family history group/database that provides searchable facilities, especially UK and Australia, but which one? What is the experience of FHUK members? I'd appreciate your comments. Thanks folks.
  11. H

    Thanks FHUK

    A BIG thankyou to FHUK for a BIG success story. June Speakman and I have got together discovering we share our grandfather and have both discovered lots of relatives we never knew existed. It's been exciting.
  12. H

    The Kemp Family, Printers and Stationers.

    Until my generation broke the mould, the Kemps were printers and stationers as far back as I can go. That is the early 1800's. Sometimes a newsagency appeared too. Can anyone suggest an approach to track family members and their movements using their occupation as a tool? They operated from...
  13. H

    William Kemp, spouse and descendants.

    In addition to all the help from FHUK members I've been able to extend my records to some extent from LDS records, but I'm still struggling. I need ..... Birth and death of William Kemp and Ann Wetton, m 1839 Selston Nottingham Death of their son William Kemp b 1840 m 19/4/57 to Anne M Crawford...
  14. H

    Clara Kemp b 1864 and Florence Kemp b 1888

    Clara and Flo were spinsters and lived in a house in Rhyl where I visited them in the thirties. I'd like to know when they went there as they were originally from Manchester. I think Flo would have left Rhyl when her aunt Clara died. I know she went to New Brighton. Also who owned the house...
  15. H

    How to add a family name?

    Oh yes. How do I add Thompson to my list of family names please? This was where my interest in genealogy started and I've not made one step of progress in that direction .. and then I forgot to add her maiden name. Getting old.
  16. H

    So many William Kemps

    I would like to know if William Kemp christened 16 Nov 1817 in Manchester Cathedral, parents William and Mary Kemp, is the same William Kemp who married Ann Wetton 19/3/1839. My selection of this particular William is based on family name, age at marriage to Ann Wetton and christening location...
  17. H

    William Kemp and Ann Crawford

    I have not been able to find out where William Kemp b1840 in Langworth, Nottingham and Ann M Crawford b1835 'Ches Grappenhall Chester Wallasey' were married. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  18. H

    Looking for parents of Clarence Kemp, 1882-1953

    Clarence Kemp (1882-1953) is my grandfather. He married Martha Thompson (1888-1946) my grandmother, then Kathleen Dornan in 1946 when Grandma died. He had siblings I would like to trace. I think Florence (spinster), May (married Isaac Littlemore), and possibly Harold. I always understood that...
  19. H

    Hello from a first-timer Kemp

    I'm looking for Kemp family (father) and Powell family (mother). I was born in Manchester and moved to Australia in 1955 (as a Leigh). Hi to everyone out there. Maybe we can talk sometime. At the moment I'm in Thailand doing volunteer teaching. Back to Oz in October.