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    early records St Mary's Prestwich

    How would I go about finding the birth or christening info for a William Lees who was born in this parish about 1808? The only records I seem to be able to find on-line date after this. Thanks
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    Lees of Clarksfield, Oldham

    Hi Steve! In the late 1700's there were 2 brothers in Oldham, Joseph and John Lees. I believe these brothers and possibly another were involved in the coal and cotton weaving business. Joseph died in 1823 leaving his holdings to his living children and also to the children of his son William...
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    Lees of Clarksfield, Oldham

    Does anyone have any ties to the Lees family of Clardsfield who ran a weaving mill there? I'd greatly appreciate any leads to sites on the internet, that I can check out concerning this family. Thank you
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    Joseph Lees of Clarksfield

    Hello All! Glad to have found this site. I am currently living in Flippin, Arkansas. Yes that is a real place. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am quite willing to help anyone with interest in US research. I have been actively researching genealogy for 12 years now. I...